LEGO VIP Weekend & Black Friday 2022: All Promos & Offers

LEGO VIP Weekend and Black Friday 2022 preview

Also this year, shortly before the onset of winter, the LEGO VIP weekend, Black Friday as well as Cyber Monday is coming up again. There will be lots of special offers, promotions and freebies in the LEGO Online Shop and in LEGO Stores again.

Below we have summarized all information about all offers we know so far and when they're taking place.

LEGO VIP Weekend 2022

LEGO VIP Weekend 2022 banner

The LEGO VIP Weekend is the first of the three events and will take place from November 19th to 20th. There are expected to be 2 Gifts with Purchase as well as double VIP points again. As Gifts with Purchase, the Winter Elves will be available from $170 spent and the Tribute to the LEGO House set with purchases of at least $250.

As the name suggests, the VIP Weekend promotions are only available to LEGO VIPs. However, anyone can register for this free on the LEGO website.

All LEGO VIP Weekend promotions at a glance:

  • Double VIP Points
  • Winter Elves (40564) - Gift with $170 spent
  • Tribute to the LEGO House (40563) - Gift with $250 spent

LEGO Black Friday 2022

LEGO Black Friday 2022 banner

This year's Black Friday will start on November 25th. There will be numerous sets, possibly also LEGO Shop exclusive ones, with discounts at LEGO again, even though these weren't very generous last year. The gifts from VIP Weekend will also be available again on Black Friday. However, you probably don't have to be a LEGO VIP to get them this time.

LEGO Eiffel Tower release & Eiffels Apartment GWP

LEGO 40579 Eiffels Apartment GWP

On Black Friday there will not be only these offers, but the rumored Eiffel Tower with over 10 thousand pieces is also set to be released. In line with this, there will be another promotional set with the Eiffels Apartment. However, only for the people who buy the Eiffel Tower, which will cost a whopping $680.

All LEGO Black Friday promotions at a glance:

  • Discount on LEGO exclusive sets
  • Winter Elves (40564) - Gift with $170 spent
  • Tribute to the LEGO House (40563) - Gift with $250 spent
  • Eiffels Apartment (40579) - Gift with the $680 Eiffel Tower

LEGO Cyber Monday 2022

LEGO Cyber Monday 2022 banner

After Black Friday, also Cyber Monday is back at LEGO. This time on November 28th and there will again be some special offers and gifts with purchase. We don't yet know exactly what this will be about, but there will be at least 1 promotional item. This will be included with purchases of $200 or more.

All Cyber Monday promotions we know so far:

  • Unknown Promotional - Gift with $200 spent

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