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All upcoming Star Wars 2023 sets:

30654X-Wing Polybag87$4.99January 1st
40591May the 4th Promo?GWPMay 1st
40615Tusken Raider BrickHeadz152$9.99January 1st
40623Heroes of the Battle of Endor BrickHeadz549$39.99May 1st
75344Slave I Microfighter85$9.99January 1st
75345501st Battle Pack119$19.99January 1st
75346Pirate Snubfighter285$34.99May 1st
75347TIE Bomber625$64.99January 1st
75348Mandalorian Fang Fighter vs. TIE Interceptor957$99.99May 1st
75349Captain Rex Helmet854$69.99March 1st
75350Commander Cody Helmet766$69.99March 1st
75351Princess Leia Boushh Helmet670$69.99March 1st
75352Death Star Throne Room Diorama807$99.99May 1st
75353Endor Speeder Bikes Diorama608$79.99May 1st
75354Jabba's Throne Room Diorama?$69.99May 1st
75355[UCS set]1949$239.99May 1st
75356[Exclusive Helmet?]630$69.99March 1st
75358[4+]124$39.99June 1st
75359?108$24.99August 1st
75360?253$34.99August 1st
75362??$69.99September 1st
75363?88$14.99August 1st
75364??$99.99September 1st
75365?1067$159.99August 1st
75366Advent Calendar320$44.99September 1st
75368?139$14.99August 1st
75369?155$14.99August 1st
75370?138$14.99August 1st
75371[18+]2320$199.99September 1st

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