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Every 2024 LEGO Set: The Complete List

Jun 1, 2024
65 Comments Every 2024 LEGO set preview

In this post we're taking a look at every new LEGO set releasing 2024 that we know about so far, as well as at the info about them!

We'll continue to expand the list over time and add new information. So feel free to bookmark it and check back from time to time!

LEGO Animal Crossing 2024

LEGO Animal Crossing banner

Right at the beginning of our list comes a LEGO theme that makes its debut this year. Animal Crossing becomes a brand new LEGO theme in 2024!

The first 5 sets were released on March 1st and include Minifigures with new molded head pieces for the characters! We can expect 2 more new sets to be coming out in August.

77046Julian's Birthday Party170$14.99March 1
77047Bunnie's Outdoor Activities164$19.99March 1
77048Kapp'n's Island Boat Tour233$29.99March 1
77049Isabelle's House Visit389$39.99March 1
77050Nook's Cranny & Rosie's House535$74.99March 1
77051Fly with Dodo Airlines292$37.99August 1
77052K.K.'s Concert at the Plaza550$79.99August 1

LEGO Architecture 2024

LEGO Architecture banner

As of now, Notre Dame is the only Architecture set to come out this year. You can find more details about the LEGO cathedral in this dedicated post.

21061Notre-Dame de Paris4383$229.99June 1

LEGO Art 2024

LEGO Art banner

We currently know about 3 new LEGO Art sets to be released in 2024. Including a classic and a space painting following the Macaw Parrots Fauna set.

31211The Fauna Collection – Macaw Parrots644$59.99January 1
31212The Milky Way Galaxy3091$199.99May 18
31213Mona Lisa1503$99.99October 1

LEGO BrickHeadz 2024

LEGO BrickHeadz banner

The BrickHeadz are starting into the year in January with a Disney Lunar New Year one. Followed by more releasing later in 2024, among them ones based on Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel and also Lord of the Rings.

40673Spring Festival Mickey Mouse120$9.99January 1
40670Iron Spider-Man91$9.99February 1
40671Potted Groot113$9.99February 1
40674Stitch152$9.99February 1
40750Wednesday239$9.99February 1
40675Clone Commander Cody147$9.99May 1
40676The Phantom Menace732$54.99May 1
40751Legolas & Gimli297$19.99June 1
40753Mirabel Madrigal179$9.99June 1

LEGO City 2024

LEGO City banner

As always, we'll be getting numerous new products from LEGO City. Among them many new space, firefighter and police sets.

60399Green Race Car56$9.99January 1
60400Go-Karts and Race Drivers99$9.99January 1
60401Construction Steamroller78$9.99January 1
60402Blue Monster Truck148$15.99January 1
60403Emergency Ambulance and Snowboarder79$19.99January 1
60404Burger Truck194$19.99January 1
60405Emergency Rescue Helicopter226$19.99January 1
60406Race Car and Car Carrier Truck328$29.99January 1
60410Fire Rescue Motorcycle57$9.99January 1
60411Fire Rescue Helicopter85$9.99January 1
604124x4 Fire Truck with Rescue Boat301$34.99January 1
60413Fire Rescue Plane478$54.99January 1
60414Fire Station with Fire Truck843$79.99January 1
60415Police Car and Muscle Car Chase213$19.99January 1
60417Police Speedboat and Crooks' Hideout311$34.99January 1
60418Police Mobile Crime Lab Truck674$54.99January 1
60419Police Prison Island980$99.99January 1
60428Space Construction Mech140$10.99January 1
60429Spaceship and Asteroid Discovery126$19.99January 1
60430Interstellar Spaceship240$19.99January 1
60431Space Explorer Rover and Alien Life311$34.99January 1
60432Command Rover and Crane Loader758$84.99January 1
60433Modular Space Station1097$109.99January 1
60434Space Base and Rocket Launchpad1422$134.99January 1
60438Sailboat102$19.99January 1
60439Space Science Lab560$34.99April 1
60441Space Explorers Pack426$31.99May 1
60407Red Double-Decker Sightseeing Bus384$29.99June 1
60420Yellow Construction Excavator633$54.99June 1
60424Jungle Explorer ATV Red Panda Mission92$10.99June 1
60425Jungle Explorer Water Plane177$22.99June 1
60426Jungle Explorer Off-Road Truck314$34.99June 1
60440Yellow Delivery Truck1061$99.99June 1
60408Car Transporter Truck with Sports Cars998$99.99August 1
60409Yellow Mobile Construction Crane1116$109.99August 1
60421Robot World Roller-Coaster Park986$99.99August 1
60422Seaside Harbor with Cargo Ship1226$109.99August 1
60423Downtown Streetcar and Station811$89.99August 1
60435Tow Truck and Sports Car Repair101$19.99August 1
60437Jungle Explorer Helicopter at Base Camp881$99.99August 1
60436Advent Calendar 2024195$32.99September 1

LEGO Classic 2024

LEGO Classic banner

The firmly established LEGO Classic theme will get us some new creative boxes of different topics and sizes in 2024.

11034Creative Pets450$34.99January 1
11035Creative Houses850$54.99January 1
11036Creative Vehicles900$54.99January 1
11037Creative Space Planets450$34.99January 1
11038Vibrant Creative Brick Box850$59.99March 1

LEGO Creator 2024

LEGO Creator banner

Lots of new LEGO Creator sets are coming out this year, from which not just one but several models can be built.

31145Red Dragon149$9.99January 1
31146Flatbed Truck with Helicopter270$19.99January 1
31147Retro Camera261$19.99January 1
31148Retro Roller Skate342$29.99January 1
31149Flowers in Watering Can420$29.99January 1
31150Wild Safari Animals780$64.99January 1
31152Space Astronaut647$54.99January 1
31155Hamster Wheel416$29.99January 1
31156Tropical Ukulele387$29.99January 1
31157Exotic Peacock355$19.99January 1
40713Japan Postcard262$14.99January 1
31154Forest Animals: Red Fox667$49.99March 1
31158Sea Animals421$29.99March 1
31151T. rex626$59.99August 1
31153Modern House939$99.99August 1

LEGO DC 2024

LEGO DC banner

LEGO DC is rumored to get at least 6 new sets in 2024. Including a big one based on Batman The Animated Series. You can already find all images of the set in our in-depth post about it.

76271Batman: The Animated Series Gotham City4210$299.99April 4
76270Batman Mech Armor140$14.99August 1
76272The Batcave with Batman, Batgirl and The Joker184$34.99August 1
76273Batman Construction Figure and the Bat-Pod Bike713$64.99August 1
76274Batman with the Batmobile vs. Harley Quinn and Mr. Freeze435$59.99August 1
76328Batman: The Classic TV Series Batmobile1822$149.99October 1

LEGO Despicable Me 2024

LEGO Despicable Me banner

For the fourth Despicable Me movie releasing this July, the Minions will once again return to the LEGO world in 2024! Based on the new movie, we'll get 4 new sets as well as a polybag in May. Read more about the new sets here!

30678Minions Jetboard48$4.99May 1
75580Minions and Banana Car136$24.99May 1
75581Minions' Music Party Bus379$39.99May 1
75582Brick-Built Gru and Minions839$54.99May 1
75583Minions and Gru's Family Mansion868$99.99May 1

LEGO Disney 2024

LEGO Disney banner

Following it's 100th anniversary last year, Disney is of course making it into the LEGO linup again in 2024. At least 26 sets are expected to be coming out:

40708Mini Disney Ariel's Castle557$39.97January 1
43233Belle's Storytime Horse Carriage62$15.99January 1
43234Elsa's Frozen Treats82$15.99January 1
43238Elsa's Frozen Castle163$44.99January 1
43241Rapunzel's Tower & The Snuggly Duckling623$84.99January 1
43246Disney Princess Market Adventure817$99.99January 1
10417Mack at the Race14$19.99March 1
10418Elsa & Bruni in the Enchanted Forest31$29.99March 1
43237Isabela's Flowerpot641$39.99March 1
43239Mirabel's Photo Frame and Jewelry Box334$29.99March 1
43249Stitch730$64.99March 1
43242Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' Cottage2228$219.99March 4
43248Inside Out 2 Mood Cubes394$34.99May 1
40720Mini Disney Sleeping Beauty Castle528$39.99June 1
40749Joy, Sadness & Anxiety300$19.99June 1
40752Carl, Russell & Kevin308$19.99June 1
43240Maleficent's Dragon Form583$69.99June 1
43243Simba the Lion King Cub222$19.99June 1
43245The Magical Madrigal House1560$159.99June 1
43247Young Simba the Lion King1445$129.99June 1
43252Moana's Flowerpot619$39.99June 1
43276Snow White's Jewelry Box358$44.99June 1
43235Ariel's Music Stage60$15.99July 1
43244Elsa's Ice Palace630$99.99July 1
43254Ariel's Crystal Cavern141$29.99July 1
10420Ariel and Flounder's Café Stand22$19.99August 1
43251Antonio's Animal Sanctuary310$39.99August 1
43253Advent Calendar 2024253$44.99September 1


LEGO DREAMZzz banner

After the launch of LEGO Dreamzzz in 2023, the new theme will receive even more sets in January 2024. Listed below are all sets we know so far.

71471Mateo's Off-Road Car94$9.99January 1
71472Izzie's Narwhal Hot-Air Balloon156$15.99January 1
71475Mr. Oz's Space Car350$29.99January 1
71476Zoey and Zian the Cat-Owl437$49.99January 1
71477The Sandman's Tower723$89.99January 1
71478The Never Witch's Midnight Raven1203$99.99August 1
71479Zoey's Cat Motorcycle226$19.99August 1
71480Logan the Mighty Panda342$29.99August 1
71481Izzie's Dream Animals328$39.99August 1
71483The Never Witch's Nightmare Creatures457$44.99August 1
71484Cooper's Robot Dinosaur C-Rex917$79.99August 1
71485Mateo and Z-Blob the Knight Battle Mech1333$129.99August 1
71486Castle Nocturnia1742$199.99August 1

LEGO Fortnite 2024

LEGO Fortnite banner

Following the new LEGO version of the video game released last December, Fortnite will finally get its own theme in the LEGO lineup in 2024!

5 new sets are rumored to be coming out on October 1st this year. Which are also said to include LEGO Fortnite Minifigures.

40728GWP151?October 1
77070?193$29.99October 1
77071Loot Lama691$39.99October 1
77072Peely Bone?$59.99October 1
77073?954$79.99October 1

LEGO Friends 2024

LEGO Friends banner

Together with LEGO City, Friends often has the biggest bunch of newly releasing sets. That won't change in 2024 either with a total of 22 new Friends sets coming out in January.

42601Hamster Playground167$19.99January 1
42603Stargazing Camping Vehicle364$29.99January 1
42604Heartlake City Shopping Mall1237$119.99January 1
42605Mars Space Base and Rocket981$79.99January 1
42606Mobile Bakery Food Cart125$10.99January 1
42607Autumn's Baby Cow Shed79$10.99January 1
42608Tiny Accessories Store129$10.99January 1
42609Electric Car and Charger170$15.99January 1
42610Karaoke Music Party196$19.99January 1
42612Cat Playground Adventure87$10.99January 1
42613Heartlake City Hospital Ambulance344$34.99January 1
42614Vintage Fashion Store409$44.99January 1
42615Pet Adoption Day400$44.99January 1
42616Heartlake City Music Talent Show669$64.99January 1
42617Farm Animal Sanctuary489$54.99January 1
42619Pop Star Music Tour Bus845$84.99January 1
42620Olly and Paisley's Family Houses1126$99.99January 1
42621Heartlake City Hospital1045$109.99January 1
42632Farm Animal Vet Clinic161$29.99January 1
42633Hot Dog Food Truck100$19.99January 1
42634Horse and Pony Trailer105$19.99January 1
42639Andrea's Modern Mansion2275$199.99January 1
42602Space Research Rover514$49.99April 1
42618Heartlake City Café426$29.99June 1
42622Adventure Camp Archery Range157$14.99June 1
42623Beach Water Scooter84$9.99June 1
42624Adventure Camp Cozy Cabins437$44.99June 1
42625Beach Smoothie Stand213$19.99June 1
42626Adventure Camp Water Sports628$69.99June 1
42630Heartlake City Water Park814$79.99June 1
42631Adventure Camp Tree House1128$129.99June 1
42635Dog-Grooming Car60$9.99June 1
42636Heartlake City Preschool239$49.99June 1
42638Castle Bed and Breakfast1311$99.99June 1
42637Advent Calendar 2024272$32.99September 1

LEGO Harry Potter 2024

LEGO Harry Potter banner

The Harry Potter line will get a good refill in 2024. A total of 15 new sets are expected to come out this year, including some new debuts with the Durmstrang Ship, Madam Malkins and Owlery. Half of the sets will be released in Spring and the other half in Summer 2024.

40677Prisoner of Azkaban Figures697$49.99March 1
76424Flying Ford Anglia165$14.99March 1
76425Hedwig at 4 Privet Drive337$19.99March 1
76426Hogwarts Castle Boathouse350$37.99March 1
76428Hagrid's Hut: An Unexpected Visit896$74.99March 1
76429Talking Sorting Hat561$99.99March 1
76430Hogwarts Castle Owlery364$44.99March 1
76432Forbidden Forest: Magical Creatures172$29.99March 1
76427Buckbeak723$59.99June 1
76431Hogwarts Castle: Potions Class397$39.99June 1
76433Mandrake579$69.99June 1
76434Aragog in the Forbidden Forest195$19.99June 1
76435Hogwarts Castle: The Great Hall1732$199.99June 1
76439Ollivanders & Madam Malkin's Robes744$89.99June 1
76440Triwizard Tournament: The Arrival1229$139.99June 1
40695Borgin and Burkes: Floo Network GWP190?September 1
76437The Burrow - Collectors' Edition2405$259.99September 1
76438Advent Calendar 2024301$44.99September 1

LEGO Icons 2024

LEGO Icons banner

The LEGO Icons range, formerly known as Creator Expert, will also be expanded further next year. According to the current information there will be at least 19 new sets in 2024, includung 2 releasing under the brand new subtheme "LEGO Moments".

10328Bouquet of Roses822$59.99January 1
40681Retro Food Truck310?January 1
10327Dune Atreides Royal Ornithopter1369$164.99February 1
10331Kingfisher Bird834$49.99February 1
10330McLaren MP4/4 & Ayrton Senna693$79.99March 1
10332Medieval Town Square3304$229.99March 4
10341NASA Artemis Space Launch System3601$259.99May 18
10334Retro Radio906$99.99June 1
10333The Lord of the Rings: Barad-dûr5471$459.99June 4
10337Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole1506$179.99July 4
10338Bumblebee950$89.99July 4
10368Chrysanthemum278$29.99August 1
10369Plum Blossom327$29.99August 1
10391Moments Space966$109.99September 1
10339Winter Village1440?October 1
10340?1194?October 1
10370?608?October 1
10335The Endurance Ship?$259.99November 29
10350???December 1

LEGO Ideas 2024

LEGO Ideas banner

Of course LEGO Ideas won't go away empty-handed either in 2024. At the moment there are 9 new sets due to release next year. Check our 2024 Ideas post for more details about the sets!

21345Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera516$79.99January 1
21346Family Tree1040$79.99February 1
21347Red London Telephone Box1460$114.99February 4
21348Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon's Tale3745$359.99April 4
21349Tuxedo Cat1710$99.99June 1
21350Jaws1497$159.99August 3
21351Nightmare Before Christmas2193?September 1
21352Disney Magic1103?October 1
21353???November 1

LEGO Jurassic World 2024

LEGO Jurassic World banner

As of now, we can expect 5 new LEGO Jurassic World sets to be released this year. Including a brand new dionsaur with the Stegosaurus as well as some buildable display models.

76963Baby Dinosaur Rescue Center139$39.99January 1
76964Dinosaur Fossils: T. rex Skull577$39.99January 1
76962Baby Bumpy: Ankylosaurus358$24.99June 1
76965Dinosaur Missions: Stegosaurus Discovery420$64.99August 1
76966Dinosaur Missions: Allosaurus Transport Truck588$89.99August 1

LEGO Marvel 2024

LEGO Marvel banner

Marvel is being supplied with lots of new LEGO sets in 2024. This time with much focus on Spider-Man and the villains of the franchise as well as Avengers Age of Ultron. Find all images of the January sets here and more details about the summer sets here!

30679Venom Street Bike53$4.99January 1
76275Motorcycle Chase: Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock77$9.99January 1
76276Venom Mech Armor vs. Miles Morales134$14.99January 1
76277War Machine Mech Armor154$14.99January 1
76278Rocket's Warbird vs. Ronan290$37.99January 1
76279Spider-Man Race Car & Venom Green Goblin227$34.99January 1
76280Spider-Man vs. Sandman: Final Battle347$37.99January 1
76281X-Men X-Jet359$84.99January 1
76282Rocket & Baby Groot566$59.99January 1
76285Spider-Man's Mask487$69.99January 1
10792Drill Spinner Vehicle58$9.99March 1
10793Spidey vs. Green Goblin84$19.99March 1
10794Team Spidey Web Spinner Headquarters193$54.99March 1
76284Green Goblin Construction Figure471$34.99April 1
76298Iron Spider-Man Construction Figure303$29.99April 1
40669Iron Man MK5 Figure101$9.99July 1
10424Spin's Motorcycle Adventure24$19.99August 1
76286Guardians of the Galaxy: The Milano2090$179.99August 1
76288Iron Man & Iron Legion vs. Hydra Soldier135$19.99August 1
76289Thor vs. Surtur Construction Figure245$29.99August 1
76290The Avengers vs. The Leviathan347$49.99August 1
76291The Avengers Assemble: Age of Ultron613$99.99August 1
76295Midi-scale Helicarrier509$59.99August 1
76297Dancing Groot459$44.99August 1
76293Spider-Man 2024 Advent Calendar246$44.99September 1
76294Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters3093$299.99November 1
76292Captain America vs. Red Hulk Battle223$49.99December 1
76296Sam Wilson Captain America Buildable Figure359$34.99December 1

LEGO Minecraft 2024

LEGO Minecraft banner

LEGO Minecraft has also been around for a long time and will continue to do so in 2024. Listed below are the sets we already know about.

21251Steve's Desert Expedition75$10.99January 1
21254The Turtle Beach House234$26.99January 1
21255The Nether Portal Ambush352$37.99January 1
21256The Frog House400$54.99January 1
21257The Devourer Showdown420$44.99January 1
21259The Pirate Ship Voyage166$14.99June 1
21260The Cherry Blossom Garden304$27.99June 1
21261The Wolf Stronghold312$34.99June 1
21262The Windmill Farm462$54.99June 1
21263The Badlands Mineshaft538$59.99June 1
21264The Ender Dragon and End Ship657$79.99June 1
21265The Crafting Table1195$89.99August 1

LEGO Minifigures 2024

LEGO Minifigures banner

The Collectible Minifigures will be continued in the newly established cardboard packaging. This year with focus on Space and Dungeons & Dragons!

66763Minifigures Series 25 6 Pack52$29.94January 1
71045Minifigures Series 259$4.99January 1
66764Series 26 Space 6 Pack54$29.94May 1
71046Series 26 Space9$4.99May 1
71047Dungeons & Dragons?$4.99September 1

LEGO Monkie Kid 2024

LEGO Monkie Kid banner
80050Creative Vehicles390$34.99January 1
80051Monkie Kid's Mini Mech556$54.99January 1
80053Mei's Dragon Mech990$99.99January 1
80054Megapolis City 5th Anniversary2330$189.99January 1
80055Monkie Kid's Team Power Truck712$79.99August 1
80056Nine-Headed Beast757$99.99August 1
80057Nezha's Ring of Fire Mech1163$139.99August 1
80058Celestial Pagoda1621$149.99August 1



LEGO Ninjago will get lots of new sets January, March and June. Many of them being based on the new Ninjago season Dragons Rising.

30674Zane's Dragon Power Vehicles55$4.99January 1
71801Kai's Rising Dragon Strike24$9.99January 1
71802Nya's Rising Dragon Strike26$9.99January 1
71803Arin's Rising Dragon Strike27$9.99January 1
71804Arin's Battle Mech104$15.99January 1
71805Jay's Mech Battle Pack78$9.99January 1
71806Cole's Elemental Earth Mech235$19.99January 1
71807Sora's Elemental Tech Mech209$19.99January 1
71808Kai's Elemental Fire Mech322$29.99January 1
71809Egalt the Master Dragon532$69.99January 1
71810Young Dragon Riyu132$15.99March 1
71811Arin's Ninja Off-Road Buggy Car267$49.99March 1
71812Kai's Ninja Climber Mech623$69.99March 1
71813Wolf Mask Shadow Dojo1190$119.99March 1
71815Kai's Source Dragon Battle120$37.99March 1
71817Lloyd's Elemental Power Mech253$19.99March 1
71819Dragon Stone Shrine1212$119.99March 1
71814Tournament Temple City3489$249.99June 1
71816Zane's Ice Motorcycle84$9.99August 1
71818Tournament Battle Arena659$49.99August 1
71820Ninja Team Combo Vehicle576$89.99August 1
71821Cole's Titan Dragon Mech1055$99.99August 1
71822Source Dragon of Motion1716$149.99August 1
40703Micro Ninjago City339?2024

LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog 2024

LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog banner

The fairly new LEGO Sonic theme goes into its second year in 2024. As of now with at least 6 new sets releasing, bringing us some new characters as Minifigures.

76996Knuckles' Guardian Mech276$34.99January 1
40672Sonic the Hedgehog: Knuckles & Shadow298$19.99February 1
76997Tails' Adventure Boat393$54.99August 1
76998Knuckles and the Master Emerald Shrine325$34.99August 1
76999Super Sonic vs. Egg Drillster590$79.99August 1
77000?720?October 1

LEGO Speed Champions 2024

LEGO Speed Champions banner

Speed Champions is racing into the next year with new cars from BMW, Audi and Ford. You can find all information and images of the sets in our dedicated Speed Champions 2024 post.

769192023 McLaren Formula 1 Race Car245$26.99March 1
76920Ford Mustang Dark Horse Sports Car344$26.99March 1
76921Audi S1 e-tron quattro Race Car274$26.99March 1
76922BMW M4 GT3 & BMW M Hybrid V8 Race Cars676$44.99March 1
76923Lamborghini Lambo V12 Vision GT Super Car230$26.99June 1
76924Mercedes-AMG G 63 & Mercedes-AMG SL 63808$44.99June 1
76925Aston Martin Safety Car & AMR23564$44.99June 1
76934Ferrari F40318$26.99August 1
76935NASCAR Next Gen Chevrolet Camaro ZL1328$26.99August 1

LEGO Star Wars 2024

LEGO Star Wars banner

LEGO Star Wars already marks it's 25 year anniversary next year! Among the 2024 Star Wars sets are buildable droids, new dioramas as well as more midi-scale ships.

Also coming out are new sets for the anniversary of Episode I. We've summarized more details about the new sets in our Spring 2024 and Summer 2024 LEGO Star Wars posts!

30680AAT75$4.99January 1
75372Clone Trooper & Battle Droid Battle Pack215$29.99January 1
75384The Crimson Firehawk136$49.99January 1
75375Millennium Falcon921$84.99March 1
75376Tantive IV654$79.99March 1
75377Invisible Hand557$49.99March 1
75379R2-D21050$99.99March 1
75387Boarding the Tantive IV502$54.99March 1
30685TIE Interceptor Polybag48$4.99May 1
40686Battle Droid Carrier262?May 1
75378BARC Speeder Escape221$29.99May 1
75380Mos Espa Podrace Diorama718$79.99May 1
75381Droideka583$64.99May 1
75383Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator640$69.99May 1
75382TIE Interceptor1931$229.99May 4
75373Ambush on Mandalore Battle Pack109$19.99June 1
75386Paz Vizsla and Moff Gideon Battle289$39.99June 1
75390Luke Skywalker X-Wing Mech195$15.99June 1
75391Captain Rex Y-Wing Microfighter99$12.99June 1
75374Skeleton Crew Ship1325$129.99August 1
75385Battle on Peridea382$49.99August 1
75388Jedi Bob's Starfighter310$39.99August 1
75389The Dark Falcon1579$179.99August 1
75392Custom Droid Builder1186$99.99August 1
75393TIE Fighter & X-Wing Mash-up1063$109.99August 1
75394Imperial Star Destroyer1555$159.99August 1
75396Escape from the Sarlacc Pit558$89.99August 1
75398Buildable C-3PO1132$149.99August 1
75395Advent Calendar 2024368$44.99September 1
40730?145?October 1
40755Star Wars 25th Anniversary Celebration383?October 1
40740Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber145?October 3
75397Jabba's Sail Barge3942$499.99October 3

LEGO Super Mario 2024

LEGO Super Mario banner

A big number of new LEGO Super Mario sets wil be coming out in 2024. With two waves in January and August, as well as a large display set releasing October.

71428Yoshis' Egg-cellent Forest Expansion Set107$9.99January 1
71431Bowser's Muscle Car Expansion Set458$29.99January 1
71432Dorrie's Sunken Shipwreck Adventure Expansion Set500$44.99January 1
71433Goombas' Playground173$14.99August 1
71434Soda Jungle Maker Set598$54.99August 1
71435Battle with Roy at Peach's Castle738$64.99August 1
71436King Boo's Haunted Mansion932$74.99August 1
71437The Bowser Express Train1392$119.99August 1
71439Adventures with Interactive Mario218$49.99August 1
71440Adventures with Interactive Luigi210$49.99August 1
71441Adventures with Interactive Peach208$49.99August 1
71438Super Mario World: Mario & Yoshi1215$129.99October 1

LEGO Technic 2024

LEGO Technic banner

The 2024 LEGO Technic lineup comes with lots of focus on space but also racing, with 2 new Formula 1 sets coming out.

42163Heavy-Duty Bulldozer195$12.99January 1
42164Off-Road Race Buggy219$19.99January 1
42166NEOM McLaren Extreme E Race Car252$26.99January 1
42167Mack LR Electric Garbage Truck503$32.99January 1
42168John Deere 9700 Forage Harvester559$39.99January 1
42165Mercedes-AMG F1 W14 E Performance Pull-Back240$26.99March 1
42169NEOM McLaren Formula E Race Car452$49.99March 1
42170Kawasaki Ninja H2R Motorcycle643$84.99March 1
42171Mercedes-AMG F1 W14 E Performance1642$219.99March 1
42178Surface Space Loader LT78435$34.99March 1
42179Planet Earth and Moon in Orbit526$74.99March 1
42180Mars Crew Exploration Rover1599$149.99March 1
42181VTOL Heavy Cargo Spaceship LT811365$109.99March 1
42196Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica Orange806$49.99April 1
42173Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut Grey Hypercar801$49.99August 1
42175Volvo FMX Truck & EC230 Electric Excavator2274$199.99August 1
42176Porsche GT4 e-Performance Race Car834$169.99August 1
42182NASA Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle - LRV1913$219.99August 1

LEGO Wednesday 2024

LEGO Wednesday banner
76780?702$49.99October 1
76781?750$79.99October 1

LEGO Wicked 2024

LEGO Wicked banner
75681??$29.99October 1
75682??$49.99October 1
75683??$59.99October 1
75684??$89.99October 1

LEGO Miscellaneous, Seasonals & GWPs 2024

Below we've listed all other sets, such as seasonals or gifts with purchase, which don't fit into the themes above.

40678Festival Calendar345$29.94January 1
40679???January 1
40709Spring Animal Playground172$12.99January 1
40710LEGOLAND Pirate Splash Battle??January 1
40711Hedgehog Picnic Date166$12.99January 1
40712???January 1
40725Cherry Blossoms438$14.99January 1
40747Daffodils216$15.99January 1
80112Auspicious Dragon1171$89.99January 1
80113Family Reunion Celebration1823$129.99January 1
40680Flower Store338?March 1
40682???March 1
40683???March 1
40714Carousel Ride232$24.95March 1
40685???April 1
40688???April 1
40684Fruit Store337?April 15
40687???May 1
40689???May 1
40715Alien Pack181$14.99May 1
40716Alien Planet Habitat206$14.99May 1
40719Traditional Chess Set743$74.99June 1
77092Great Deku Tree 2-in-12500$299.99September 1

What do you think about the new LEGO sets for 2024? Which ones are on your wishlist? Share it in the comments!

HarveyJun 11 2024, 5:42

When will they reveal the winter village set for this year😥.

HarveyJun 1 2024, 7:28

The botanicals for August are good👍.

HarveyMay 30 2024, 21:43

Botanicals are great.

HarveyMay 30 2024, 21:31

Love the friends wave for Summer.

JKayMay 5 2024, 18:46

Excited for October and the large scale Batman: Classic Series Batmobile and the two unconfirmed Botanical sets, the re-release of Jabba's Sail Barge is probrobly the next UCS set for Star Wars

Rachel SabreApr 28 2024, 17:38

More Lego Postcards! Mexico or Spain.

Jedi bobApr 22 2024, 17:29

The unconfirmed $4.99 star wars set is going to be a Luke Skywalker pilot keychain, you can see it on the website under the product number #854288.

siuuuuuApr 19 2024, 6:08

lego zelda is great

DirkieApr 10 2024, 6:02

Red bull f1?

DoonaApr 7 2024, 11:31

More farming themes especially farming machinery

StarWarsFanMar 20 2024, 1:11

is the Jedi Bob and Dark Millenium Falcon fake or real?

Nate the redMar 11 2024, 19:09

winter village? so it's not complete

legoloverMar 7 2024, 16:21

not much for April sadly but Jedi Bob is amazing

THomasMar 6 2024, 13:43

Football stadiums are a must- I am thinking San Siro or Wembley or maybe something like an olympiastadion

MatatoheadMar 6 2024, 6:45

We need more art !!!

PagieFeb 26 2024, 17:00

Need to get more LEGO architecture or more football stadiums

Mickey 1234Feb 3 2024, 0:09

Why no Alice in Wonderland or The nightmare before Christmas

MariaFeb 16 2024, 3:29

Those would be amazing sets.

MelimewMar 12 2024, 16:30

Agree, we need those set!

TazApr 20 2024, 3:18

we will have the nightmare before Christmas set ..... in way later in Fall...

Joey BlunderJan 22 2024, 23:01

Really hope to get more City-space sets there's really a lot of potential there for some monorail base like the one in those Life on Mars sets

DJP2009Jan 18 2024, 22:08

as the 2025 modulair they should add an hospital because they already got an police station and a fire department

McadeJan 11 2024, 3:58

Lego should partner with John Deere and make iconic tractors like the 4430 4020 model A 3010

E-ManJan 6 2024, 18:53

They should make a LEGO Architecture One World Trade Center Set, LEGO Star Wars Midi-Scale Millennium Falcon (UPDATED), and Los Angeles Skyline set

JJETTASJan 1 2024, 15:56

They should make more LEGO Technic Monster Jam trucks like Zombie or Bakugan Dragonoid

freshDDec 26 2023, 13:11

omg the series 25 and retro camera 31147 look great

FordBuilderDec 22 2023, 18:34

There's gonna be a new plane LEGO for Icons or Technic. It was made on Lego Masters and is gonna be around the same price as the Ford GT (Not the GT500)

FordBuilderDec 22 2023, 18:43

It's called The World Wonderliner. It's available for pre-order but it might be released in 2024

MathconstructorDec 19 2023, 17:33

Can’t wait to see a new giant Icons set. When??? I want to spent money..

BowlingismyfancyDec 16 2023, 17:29

Technic is gonna be amazing

BenbrickerDec 12 2023, 23:44

Can’t wait to see the Batman animated series Gotham City set

ThomasJan 2 2024, 0:33


rad dudeDec 6 2023, 12:37

lego star wars rules

SomeoneDec 4 2023, 1:45

Anyone think Lego Fortnite sets are possible from the collaboration

KarlNov 28 2023, 2:33

Can't wait to get the Clone Trooper & Battle Droid Battle Pack since it will be a good army builder set and will have the first B2 battle droid since 2015

HiDec 17 2023, 20:09


LegoLegoNov 26 2023, 5:26

Alien planet seems interesting and different.

LegoFan69Nov 25 2023, 22:11

Bruh only 2 sets for Jrassic World



KbrayyyNov 13 2023, 22:35

Where's the botanicals 😥

Falconbricks logo badgeFalconbricksNov 14 2023, 7:10

The release date of the Flower Pots has now changed to December 1st 2023, so I removed them from the 2024 list. But the Rose Flower Bouquet should still come out on January 1st 2024!

MikeNov 10 2023, 4:11

More big landmark sets like Eiffel tower and Colosseum

Lego is lifeNov 8 2023, 18:22

you should show all the pictures of the sets

KristasbrickworldNov 3 2023, 17:02

Will be buying the entirety of the Harry Potter set list March 1st.

SpokeTrueNov 2 2023, 6:56

I’m pre-ordering the x-jet if I can. Same with the tantive IV boarding.

bobNov 2 2023, 0:14

I'm definitely getting the McLaren F1 car! (and maybe the Audi.)

CharlesOct 30 2023, 12:51


Love4LEGOsOct 16 2023, 19:18

Definitely looking forward to the marvel and speed champions sets!

bilboOct 10 2023, 18:44

are they going to come out with lord of the rings (helms deep)

linkOct 12 2023, 9:47

wish LEGO made a the legend of zelda set

BatTLedr0id1284Sep 29 2023, 11:28

Thought that they would never release th clone droid battle pack

RyanSep 24 2023, 21:15

When is the information coming out

leego fanAug 23 2023, 17:08

yay new prison island

Another GuyAug 10 2023, 20:23

Maybe they will finally give us the Serpentine Bus we have been wanting

JoeAug 9 2023, 13:21

What happened to the Orient Express?

Falconbricks logo badgeFalconbricksAug 9 2023, 13:48

This one's already coming out this year, more precisely on November 1st!

Aragorn129Aug 8 2023, 17:27

What about LotR or Castle?

Falconbricks logo badgeFalconbricksAug 9 2023, 13:57

So far unfortunately no sign of a castle return. As for Lord of the Rings, there was a rumor that we'll might get another big set, but whether that will actually happen is questionable. Since there's no concrete information about new LotR sets so far, we haven't put the theme on the list for now

This GuyAug 8 2023, 13:35

Will classic space be re-introduced? I hope so, I want some new blacktron sets

Falconbricks logo badgeFalconbricksAug 8 2023, 14:31

So far there's no sign of it, but there will be a space themed collectible minifigure series in May.

Arina YusufovAug 5 2023, 14:09

Year of the dragon

DadAug 2 2023, 21:08

Looks awesome

BartAug 2 2023, 20:50

Why there is nothing from Castle series? :-/

JerAug 2 2023, 19:20

Honestly looks like Lego Star Wars fans might be eating good 2024

ChrisAug 2 2023, 17:41

Since the Icons sets are so cheap, they must be part of the botanical collection. But there must slso be a modular building set in January which you did not mention.

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