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Every 2024 LEGO Set: The Complete List

Oct 22, 2023
30 Comments Every 2024 LEGO set preview

Although we are still in 2023, there's already initial information on lots of new LEGO sets releasing next year!

In this article we're taking a look at every 2024 LEGO set we know so far and the information about them.

We'll continue to expand the list over time and add new information. So feel free to bookmark it and check back from time to time!

LEGO Animal Crossing 2024

LEGO Animal Crossing banner

Right at the beginning of our list comes a LEGO theme that will make its debut next year. Animal Crossing will become a brand new LEGO theme in 2024!

The first 5 sets are scheduled to be released on March 1st next year and will also include Minifigures with new molded head pieces for the characters! Read more about the individual sets in our detailed Animal Crossing 2024 post.

77046Julian's Birthday Party170$14.99March 1st
77047Bunnie's Outdoor Activities164$19.99March 1st
77048Kapp'n's Island Boat Tour233$29.99March 1st
77049Isabelle's House Visit389$39.99March 1st
77050Nook's Cranny & Rosie's House535$74.99March 1st

LEGO Architecture 2024

LEGO Architecture banner

No information yet

LEGO Art 2024

LEGO Art banner

We currently know about 1 new LEGO Art set to be released in January. Which however will probably be followed by more ones later in the year.

31211Pair of Parrots644$49.99January 1st

LEGO Avatar 2024

LEGO Avatar banner

After its initial launch in 2023 the LEGO Avatar line will be continued next year. So far we know that at least 4 new sets will be released.


LEGO BrickHeadz 2024

LEGO BrickHeadz banner

The LEGO BrickHeadz are also starting into the year in January with a Disney Lunar New Year one. Followed by more later in the year, among them ones based on Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel and for the first time Animal Crossing.

40666[Animal Crossing]??March 1st
40667[Animal Crossing]??March 1st
40670Iron Spider-Man?$9.99February 1st
40671Potted Groot?$9.99February 1st
40672[Sonic Double Pack]?$19.99February 1st
40673Spring Festival Mickey Mouse120$9.99January 1st
40674[Disney]?$9.99February 1st
40675[Star Wars]?$49.99May 1st
40676[Star Wars]??May 1st
40677[Harry Potter]?$54.99March 1st

LEGO Chinese New Year 2024

No information yet

LEGO City 2024

LEGO City banner

As always, there will of course be numerous new products from LEGO City. Among other things, many new space, firefighter and police sets.

60399Race Car56$9.99January 1st
60400Go-Karts with Racers99$9.99January 1st
60401Road Roller78$9.99January 1st
60402Blue Monster Truck148$14.99January 1st
60403Ambulance & Snowboarder79$19.99January 1st
60404Burger Truck194$19.99January 1st
60405Resque Helicopter226$19.99January 1st
60406Race Car Transporter328$29.99January 1st
60410Fire Engine57$9.99January 1st
60411Fire Helicopter85$9.99January 1st
60412Firetruck with Lifeboat301$29.99January 1st
60413Fire Fighter478$59.99January 1st
60414Fire Station with Aearial Ladder Vehicle843$79.99January 1st
60415Police Car and Muscle Car Chase213$19.99January 1st
60418Police Truck with Laboratory674$54.99January 1st
60419Prison Island Police Station980$99.99January 1st
60428Space Mech140$9.99January 1st
60429Space Asteroid Recovery126$19.99January 1st
60430Spaceship240$19.99January 1st
60431Space Rover with Aliens311$29.99January 1st
60433Modular Space Station1097$99.99January 1st
60434Space Base with Launch Pad1422$139.99January 1st

LEGO Classic 2024

LEGO Classic banner

Of course, LEGO Classic is also firmly established in the range of themes. Here we'll again get some new creative boxes of different topics and sizes.

11034Creative Animals450$34.99January 1st
11035Creative Houses850$54.99January 1st
11036Creative Vehicles900$54.99January 1st
11037Creative Space Planets450$29.99January 1st

LEGO Collectible Minifigures 2024

LEGO Collectible Minifigures banner

The Collectible Minifigures will of course also be continued in 2024. Now in the newly established cardboard packaging.

71045Series 25$4.99January 1st
71046Space$4.99May 1st
71047?$4.99September 1st

LEGO Creator 2024

LEGO Creator banner

LEGO Creator will again have many new sets in 2024, from which not just one but several models can be built.

31145Red Dragon149$9.99January 1st
31146Flatbed Truck with Helicopter270$19.99January 1st
31147Retro Camera261$19.99January 1st
31148Roller Skate342$29.99January 1st
31149Watering Can with Flowers420$29.99January 1st
31150Animal Safari780$64.99January 1st
31152Astronaut in Space647$49.99January 1st
40713Japan Postcard??January 1st
40725Cherry Blossoms438$15.99January 1st
40747Daffodils216$15.99January 1st

LEGO DC 2024

LEGO DC banner

LEGO DC is rumored to have at least 5 new sets in 2024. Including a large one based on Batman The Animated Series.

76271DC Batman: The Animated Series Gotham City4208$299.992024

LEGO Disney 2024

LEGO Disney banner

After Disney's 100th anniversary last year, things will continue in 2024 with new LEGO sets. Whether the anniversary line of LEGO Disney sets will be continued into next year too isn't yet clear.

40708[Mini Ariel's Castle]??January 1st
43233Belle's Storytime Horse Carriage62$15.99January 1st
43234Elsa's Frozen Treats82$15.99January 1st
43236?329$44.99March 1st
43237Isabela's Flowerpot641$44.99March 1st
43238Elsa's Frozen Castle163$44.99January 1st
43239Mirabel Photo Holder & Jewelry Box334$29.99March 1st
43246Princess Market Adventure817$99.99January 1st
43248[Pixar]394$34.99May 1st
43249Stitch729$64.99March 1st

LEGO Dreamzzz 2024

LEGO Dreamzzz banner

After it's launch last year, LEGO Dreamz will receive even more sets in January 2024. Listed below are all sets we know so far.

71471Mateo's Off-road Racer94$9.99January 1st
71472Izzie's Hot Air Baloon156$15.99January 1st
71475Mr. Oz's Space Buggy350$29.99January 1st
71476Zoey and Zian the Cat Owl437$49.99January 1st
71477Sandman's Tower723$89.99January 1st
71481???August 1st

LEGO Friends 2024

LEGO Friends banner

Following LEGO City, Friends is sometimes the theme with the biggest wave of new sets. That won't change in 2024 either, because in January we can expect a total of 17 new Friends sets coming out.

42603Stargazing Camping Vehicle364$29.99January 1st
42604Heartlake City Shopping Mall1237$119.99January 1st
42605Mars Space Base and Rocket981$89.99January 1st
42606Mobile Bakery Food Cart125$10.99January 1st
42608Mini Boutique129$10.99January 1st
42609Electric Car & Charger170$15.99January 1st
42610Karaoke Music Party196$19.99January 1st
42612Cat Playground Adventure87$10.99January 1st
42614Vintage Fashion Store409$39.99January 1st
42616Heartlake City Music Talent Show669$64.99January 1st
42617Farm Animat Sanctuary489$54.99January 1st
42619Pop Star Music Tour Bus845$84.99January 1st
42620Olly and Paisley's Family Home1126$99.99January 1st
42621Heartlake City Hospital1045$99.99January 1st
42632Farm Animal Hospital161$29.99January 1st
42633Hot Dog Truck100$19.99January 1st
42634Horse & Pony Trailer105$19.99January 1st

LEGO Harry Potter 2024

LEGO Harry Potter banner

The Harry Potter line will get a good refill in 2024. A total of 7 new sets are expected to come out in March, including some new debuts with the Owlery and Boathouse. We've summarized more details about the individual sets in our LEGO Harry Potter 2024 post.

76424Flying Ford Anglia165$14.99March 1st
76425Privet Drive Sign with Hedwig337$19.99March 1st
76426Boathouse: Arrival at Hogwarts350$37.99March 1st
76428Hagrid's Hut: An Unexpected Visit896$74.99March 1st
76429The Sorting Hat561$99.99March 1st
76430Hogwarts Owlery364$44.99March 1st
76432Forbidden Forest: Magical Creatures172$29.99March 1st

LEGO Icons 2024

LEGO Icons banner

The LEGO Icons range, formerly known as Creator Expert, will also be expanded further next year. According to the current information there will be at least 10 new sets in 2024, includung 2 releasing under the brand new subtheme "LEGO Moments".

10327Dune Ornithopter1369$164.99February 1st
10328Rose Flower Bouquet822$59.99January 1st
10330McLaren MP4/8693$79.99March 1st
10331Kingfisher834$49.99February 1st
10332Medieval Town Square3304$229.992024
10333The Lord of the Rings: Barad-Dur??2024
10391LEGO Moments: Space966$99.99October 1st
10392[LEGO Moments]??2024

LEGO Ideas 2024

LEGO Ideas banner

Of course LEGO Ideas won't go away empty-handed either in 2024. At the moment there are 3 new sets due to release next year.

21345Polaroid Camera516$79.99January 1st
2134?Reading, Reading and Reading??2024
2134?Dragon's Keep: Journey's End??2024

LEGO Jurassic World 2024

LEGO Jurassic World banner

New Jurassic World sets will again be releasing early next year! So far information about 2 sets is known, although we may can expect even more in the course of 2024.

76963Baby Dinosaur Rescue Center137$39.99January 1st
76964Dinosaur Fossils: T. rex Skull577$39.99January 1st

LEGO Marvel 2024

LEGO Marvel banner

LEGO Marvel is also being supplied with lots of new sets in 2024. This time with much focus on Spider-Man as well as the villains of the franchise.

10792[Spidey & his Amazing Friends]52$9.99March 1st
10793[Spidey & his Amazing Friends]84$19.99March 1st
10794[Spidey & his Amazing Friends]193$54.99March 1st
76275Venom and Doc Ock77$10.99January 1st
76276Venom Mech134$14.99January 1st
76277War Machine Mech154$14.99January 1st
76278Rocket Racoon's Warbird290$34.99January 1st
76279Spider-Man's Car227$29.99January 1st
76280Spider-Man vs. Sandman: Final Battle347$34.99January 1st
76281X-Men Jet359$79.99January 1st
76282Buildable Rocket Racoon566$54.99January 1st
76284Buildable Green Goblin471$34.99April 1st
76292[Captain America: Brave New World]233$49.99April 1st
76296Sam Wilson Captain America Buildable Figure359$34.99April 1st
76298Spider-Man Buildable Figure303$34.99April 1st

LEGO Minecraft 2024

LEGO Minecraft banner

LEGO Minecraft has also been around for a long time, and will continue to do so in 2024. Listed below are the 7 sets we already know about.

21251Steve's Desert Expedition75$9.99January 1st
21252The Armory203$19.99January 1st
21253The Animal Shelter206$19.99January 1st
21254The Turtle Beach House234$26.99January 1st
21255Nether Portal Expedition352$37.99January 1st
21256The Frog House400$54.99January 1st
21257Showdown with the Devourer420$44.99January 1st

LEGO Monkie Kid 2024

LEGO Monkie Kid banner

80050[Vehicle Creations]??2024
80051[Mini Mech]??2024
80053Mei Dragon Mech??2024
80054Megapolis City 5th Anniversary2330$189.99January 1st

LEGO Ninjago 2024

LEGO Ninjago banner

Of course there will again be new LEGO Ninjago sets next year. In January and May, espacially new sets based on the new Ninjago season Dragons Rising will be released.

30674Zane's Dragon Power Vehicles?$4.992024
71801Kai's Dragon Glider24$9.99January 1st
71802Nya's Dragon Glider26$9.99January 1st
71803Arin's Dragon Glider27$9.99January 1st
71804Arin's Battle Mech104$14.99January 1st
71805Jay's Battle Mech78$9.99January 1st
71806Cole's Earth Mech235$19.99January 1st
71807Sora's Tech Mech209$19.99January 1st
71808Kai's Fire Mech322$29.99January 1st
71809Egalt the Master Dragon532$69.99January 1st
71810Riyu the Baby Dragon132$14.99March 1st
71811Arin's Ninja Off-road Buggy267$49.99March 1st
71812Kai's Ninja Climbing Mech623$69.99March 1st
71819Dragonstone Temple1212$199.99March 1st

LEGO Sonic 2024

LEGO Sonic banner

The fairly new LEGO Sonic theme goes into its second year in 2024. As of now with 2 new sets releasing January 1st, introducing some new characters as Minifigures.

76995Shadow's Lab Escape196$20.99January 1st
76996Knuckles Mech Battle276$34.99January 1st

LEGO Speed Champions 2024

LEGO Speed Champions banner

LEGO Speed Champions is also racing into the next year. Among the car brands for 2024 are BMW, Audi and Ford. You can find more information about the sets in our dedicated Speed Champions 2024 post.

76919McLaren Formula 1 Race Car245$26.99March 1st
76920Ford Mustang Dark Horse344$26.99March 1st
76921Audi S1 e-tron quattro274$26.99March 1st
76922BMW M4 GT3 & BMW M Hybrid V8676$49.99March 1st

LEGO Star Wars 2024

LEGO Star Wars banner

LEGO Star Wars already marks it's 25 year anniversary next year! Among the 2024 Star Wars sets are buildable droids, new dioramas as well as more midi-scale ships.

Also coming out are new sets for the anniversary of Episode I. We've summarized more details about the new sets in our 2024 LEGO Star Wars article!

30680AAT75$4.99January 1st
40686[May the 4th GWP]??May 1st
75372Clone Trooper & Battle Droid Battle Pack215$29.99January 1st
75373Mandalorian Battle Pack108$19.99June 1st
75374Skeleton Crew Ship1325$139.99January 1st
75375Midi-scale Millenium Falcon921$79.99March 1st
75376Midi-scale Tantive IV654$69.99March 1st
75377???March 1st
75378Grogu's Escape?$29.99May 1st
75379Buildable R2-D21050$99.99March 1st
75380Boonta Eve Podrace Diorama718$69.99May 1st
75381Buildable Droideka?$59.99May 1st
75382UCS TIE Interceptor?$239.99May 1st
75384Crimson Firehawk136$49.99January 1st
75386Mandalorian Bunker289$39.99June 1st
75387Tantive IV Boarding Diorama502$49.99March 1st
75390X-Wing Pilot Luke Mech?$15.992024
75391Captain Rex's Y-Wing Microfighter99$12.992024

LEGO Super Mario 2024

LEGO Super Mario banner

There will also be a large number of lego super mario sets again in 2024. Whether the long-awaited Minifigures will finally become part of the lineup next year is however not yet known.

71428Yoshis' Egg-cellent Forest Expansion Set107$9.99January 1st
71431Bowser's Muscle Car Expansion Set458$29.99January 1st
71432Dorrie's Sunken Shipwreck Adventure Expansion Set500$44.99January 1st
71433??$15.99August 1st
71435??$64.99August 1st
71436??$84.99August 1st
71437??$144.99August 1st
71438[18+]?$169.99October 1st
71439??$49.99August 1st
71440??$49.99August 1st
71441??$49.99August 1st

LEGO Technic 2024

LEGO Technic banner

LEGO Technic is going electric with two new McLaren sports cars next year. Also in the 2024 lineup will be many new space based sets as well as some construction and harvesting machinery.

42163Heavy Duty Bulldozer195$10.99January 1st
42164Off-road Racing Buggy219$15.99January 1st
42165?240$26.99January 1st
42166NEOM McLaren Extreme E Race Car252$26.99January 1st
42167Mack LR Electric Garbage Truck503$34.99January 1st
42168John Deere Forage Harvester559$42.99January 1st
42169NEOM McLaren Formula E Race Car452$52.99March 1st
42170Kawasaki Ninja H2R Motorcycle643$79.99March 1st
42171[18+]1642$219.99March 1st
42178Space Wheel Loader LT78435$34.99March 1st
42179Planet Earth & Moon in Orbit526$79.99March 1st
42180Mars Crew Exploration Rover1599$149.99March 1st
42181VTOL Heavy Cargo Spaceship LT811365$99.99March 1st

Miscellaneous, Seasonals & GWPs 2024

Below are listed all the other sets, such as seasonals or gifts with purchase, that don't fit into one of the themes above.

40678Chinese Festival Calendar??January 1st
40679[Valentine GWP]??January 1st
40681[Modular GWP]??Febrauary 1st
40682[Easter GWP]??March 1st
40683[Spring GWP]??March 1st
40685[Children's Day GWP]??April 1st
40687[Space GWP]??May 1st
40688[Achievement GWP]??April 1st
40689[Celebration GWP]??May 1st
40709Spring Animal Playground??January 1st
40710LEGOLAND Pirate Splash Battle??January 1st
40711Hedgehog Picnic Date??January 1st
40712[Space GWP]??January 1st
40714Carousel Ride??March 1st
40715Alien Pack??May 1st
40716Alien Planet Habitat??May 1st

What do you think about the initial info on the upcoming 2024 LEGO sets? Are there ones that are already on your wishlist? Let us know in the comments!

KarlNov 28 2023, 2:33

Can't wait to get the Clone Trooper & Battle Droid Battle Pack since it will be a good army builder set and will have the first B2 battle droid since 2015

LegoLegoNov 26 2023, 5:26

Alien planet seems interesting and different.

LegoFan69Nov 25 2023, 22:11

Bruh only 2 sets for Jrassic World



KbrayyyNov 13 2023, 22:35

Where's the botanicals 😥

Falconbricks logo badgeFalconbricksNov 14 2023, 7:10

The release date of the Flower Pots has now changed to December 1st 2023, so I removed them from the 2024 list. But the Rose Flower Bouquet should still come out on January 1st 2024!

MikeNov 10 2023, 4:11

More big landmark sets like Eiffel tower and Colosseum

Lego is lifeNov 8 2023, 18:22

you should show all the pictures of the sets

KristasbrickworldNov 3 2023, 17:02

Will be buying the entirety of the Harry Potter set list March 1st.

SpokeTrueNov 2 2023, 6:56

I’m pre-ordering the x-jet if I can. Same with the tantive IV boarding.

bobNov 2 2023, 0:14

I'm definitely getting the McLaren F1 car! (and maybe the Audi.)

CharlesOct 30 2023, 12:51


Love4LEGOsOct 16 2023, 19:18

Definitely looking forward to the marvel and speed champions sets!

bilboOct 10 2023, 18:44

are they going to come out with lord of the rings (helms deep)

linkOct 12 2023, 9:47

wish LEGO made a the legend of zelda set

BatTLedr0id1284Sep 29 2023, 11:28

Thought that they would never release th clone droid battle pack

RyanSep 24 2023, 21:15

When is the information coming out

leego fanAug 23 2023, 17:08

yay new prison island

Another GuyAug 10 2023, 20:23

Maybe they will finally give us the Serpentine Bus we have been wanting

JoeAug 9 2023, 13:21

What happened to the Orient Express?

Falconbricks logo badgeFalconbricksAug 9 2023, 13:48

This one's already coming out this year, more precisely on November 1st!

Aragorn129Aug 8 2023, 17:27

What about LotR or Castle?

Falconbricks logo badgeFalconbricksAug 9 2023, 13:57

So far unfortunately no sign of a castle return. As for Lord of the Rings, there was a rumor that we'll might get another big set, but whether that will actually happen is questionable. Since there's no concrete information about new LotR sets so far, we haven't put the theme on the list for now

This GuyAug 8 2023, 13:35

Will classic space be re-introduced? I hope so, I want some new blacktron sets

Falconbricks logo badgeFalconbricksAug 8 2023, 14:31

So far there's no sign of it, but there will be a space themed collectible minifigure series in May.

Arina YusufovAug 5 2023, 14:09

Year of the dragon

DadAug 2 2023, 21:08

Looks awesome

BartAug 2 2023, 20:50

Why there is nothing from Castle series? :-/

JerAug 2 2023, 19:20

Honestly looks like Lego Star Wars fans might be eating good 2024

ChrisAug 2 2023, 17:41

Since the Icons sets are so cheap, they must be part of the botanical collection. But there must slso be a modular building set in January which you did not mention.

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