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LEGO 2024 Space Collectable Minifigures: All characters & info!

Dec 13, 2023
6 Comments LEGO 71046 Space Collectable Minifgures preview

Following series 25 which will be released next month, there will be 2 more new LEGO CMFs in 2024. With the next one coming out on May 1st of the year and being all about LEGO Space!

LEGO Space CMF lineup

As usual, the Space Series will consist of 12 different collectable figures in total. Here is the list of all characters rumored to be included:

  • Ice Planet Redux with Space Penguin
  • Space Nurse with Pink Space Baby
  • Robot Human Suit for Tiny Aliens
  • Orion with translucent parts
  • Alien in UFO Costume
  • Classic Space Robot
  • Retro Spacewoman
  • Mutated Blacktron
  • Modern Astronaut
  • Grey Alien Tourist
  • Alien Insectoid
  • M-Tron Redux

Just like other LEGO CMFs, the Space Minifigures will cost $4.99 each. The figures will probably again be available in cardboard boxes, continuing the new packaging style.

  • Name: Space Minifigures
  • Number: 71046
  • Release: May 1st
  • Price: $4.99 each

What do you think about the upcoming Space Minifigures? Let us know in the comments!

ELBurgerDec 16 2023, 17:26

Super excited for the M:Tron, Ice Planet, and Blacktron figs. Wish there was a Futuron in there too!

DbcDec 15 2023, 6:02

Terribile. They just look a mix of different elements. Just a couple can be related to the space theme.

Poc434Dec 14 2023, 19:17

Wonderful. Always love new variations and figures to add to my collection.

Love4LEGOsDec 13 2023, 19:39

Highly disappointed. I wanted more classic space. Let down.😠

HarryPotter-fanDec 13 2023, 21:43

Don't be so negative it's a great cmf series! Did you really expect lego to throw in 4 classic space figures?

VilliDec 14 2023, 10:41

Same 😔

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