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LEGO Harry Potter 2024: Hagrid's Hut, Owlery & more revealed

Dec 1, 2023
6 Comments LEGO Harry Potter 2024 sets: 76428 Hagrid's Hut, 76430 Owlery, 76426 Boathouse, 76432 Forbidden Forest, 76425 Hedwig & 76424 Ford Anglia

The big 2024 LEGO set reveals are slowly coming in, starting today with the new Harry Potter sets for next year!

In total there will be 7 new sets at the beginning of the year, all of which releasing on March 1st. Thanks to the new images, we can now finally take a look at 6 of them!

Flying Ford Anglia (76424)

The first of the new sets will be a model of the Flying Ford Anglia. The car is close to a remake of to version from the Privet Drive or Whomping Willow set from previous years.

Now it'll be released as a separate set for $14.99 consisting of 165 pieces. Also included besides the car itself are the Minfigures Harry and Ron as well as Hedwig and Scabbers.

  • Name: Flying Ford Anglia
  • Set Number: 76424
  • Release: March 1st
  • Price: $14.99
  • Pieces: 165
  • Minifigures: 2

Hedwig at Privet Drive 4 (76425)

Coming up next is a new set consisting of the Privet Drive sign with a buildable Hedwig that can sit on top as well as Harry's suitcase with his wand, a picture and a letter from the Ministry of Magic. The set will consist of a total of 337 pieces and cost $19.99.

  • Name: Hedwig at Privet Drive 4
  • Set Number: 76425
  • Release: March 1st
  • Price: $19.99
  • Pieces: 337
  • Minifigures: 0

Hogwarts Castle Boathouse (76426)

With the boathouse we'll get a new Hogwarts building we haven't seen as LEGO set yet. In addition to the boathouse itself, two boats are also included.

The set includes Harry, Hermione, Neville, Dean and Professor McGonaggal as Minifigures. It'll consist of 350 pieces and will cost $37.99.

  • Name: Hogwarts Castle Boathouse
  • Set Number: 76426
  • Release: March 1st
  • Price: $37.99
  • Pieces: 350
  • Minifigures: 4

Hagrid's Hut: An Unexpected Visit (76428)

Since Hagrid's hut from 2019 is no longer available, there will now be a new one in 2024.

This time however it'll be based on the first part of Harry Potter, since a molded Fang and also a molded Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback are included!

Among the 896 pieces that make up the set are also the Minifigures Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid and Draco as well as a small shelter next to the hut. The set will be released for $74.99.

  • Name: Hagrid's Hut: An Unexpected Visit
  • Set Number: 76428
  • Release: March 1st
  • Price: $74.99
  • Pieces: 896
  • Minifigures: 5

Hogwarts Castle Owlery (76430)

Also debuting as a LEGO set in 2024 besides the boathouse will be the Owlery. Like with the boathouse, the roofs are now grey again and no longer kept in green as was the case with the modular Hogwarts sets.

This one consists of 364 bricks, costs $44.99 and is based on the Goblet of Fire as it includes Harry, Cho and caretaker Filch as figures.

  • Name: Hogwarts Castle Owlery
  • Set Number: 76430
  • Release: March 1st
  • Price: $44.99
  • Pieces: 364
  • Minifigures: 3

Forbidden Forest: Magical Creatures (76432)

With the last one we'll get yet another a small Forbidden Forest set for $29.99, as it has often been made in recent years.

This time with the name magical creatures and therefore also containing a few of them, including Buckbeak, a Thestral and a Pixie. Also among the set's 172 pieces are Hermione and Ron as Minifigures.

  • Name: Forbidden Forest: Magical Creatures
  • Set Number: 76432
  • Release: March 1st
  • Price: $29.99
  • Pieces: 172
  • Minifigures: 2

New Collectible Portraits

LEGO Harry Potter 2024 Collectible Portraits

With the new sets there will also be some new collectable tiles as successors to the chocolate frog cards.

The 3 biggest of the new sets contain printed tiles of wizard portraits from Hogwarts. There are a total of 12 different ones to collect so far.

  • Portrait distribution in sets:
  • Hagrid's Hut: 2x
  • Hogwarts Castle Boathouse: 1x
  • Hogwarts Castle Owlery: 1x

What do you think of the new LEGO Harry Potter 2024 sets? Let us know in the comments!

TheBuffsterJan 30 2024, 16:46

There is a modular Hogwarts with grey roofs? Will it attach to that set or the green roof set?

KarnoJan 16 2024, 3:36

Is there going to be a new castle to make?

Falconbricks logo badgeFalconbricksJan 18 2024, 11:18

I strongly believe so, since there will also be a new Great Hall and Potions Classroom coming out in June, which could likely have grey roofs too!

RavenclawDec 28 2023, 0:06

Why aren’t the roofs the green to match the rest of the new castle?

Falconbricks logo badgeFalconbricksJan 18 2024, 11:12

I think LEGO will probably end the green roofs and either start a third new Modular Hogwarts line with the grey roofs or continue the system from 2018 that had grey roofs too.

ChunkyMonkey1Jan 20 2024, 6:01

Because Lego is starting a brand new Hogwarts castle set to be released over a 3 yr period. The new Hogwarts is to be most detailed yet!

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