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LEGO Harry Potter 2024: The Burrow Collectors Edition rumored!

Jun 2, 2024
Comments LEGO Harry Potter 76437 The Burrow - Collectors' Edition 2024 rumor preview

Thanks to Brick Clicker we finally have first details about this year's big LEGO Harry Potter Collectors' Edition set!

Releasing on September 1st, we'll be getting a huge version of The Burrow!

The new LEGO Weasley's house will consist of 2405 pieces and cost $259.99.

New Weasley Minifigures

While the exact characters included have yet to be revealed, the new Burrow will likely get us many new Weasley Minifigures.

Opening the possibility for the first ever LEGO versions of Bill and Charlie Weasley.

  • Set number: 76437
  • Name: The Burrow - Collectors' Edition
  • Release: September 1
  • Price: $259.99
  • Pieces: 2405
  • Minifigures: ?

Borgin and Burkes: Floo Network GWP

Harry Potter Floo Network Fireplace

Also coming out on September 1st alongside the Burrow, there will be a new LEGO Harry Potter gift with purchase for 2024!

The 190 piece set will likely feature part of Borgin and Burkes' interior with the fireplace, where Harry arrives after traveling with Floo Powder for the first time from the Weasley's home.

Just like last year with the Gringotts Vault, the new GWP also won't be available exclusively with the Collectors Edition set. But with purchases of any Harry Potter sets above a specific value, likely around $130.

  • Set number: 40695
  • Name: Borgin and Burkes: Floo Network
  • Release: September 1
  • Threshold: ?
  • Pieces: 190
  • Minifigures: ?

What do you think of the upcoming LEGO Harry Potter Burrow & GWP? Share it in the comments!

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