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Every 2023 LEGO Set: The Complete List

May 13, 2023
Comments Every new LEGO 2023 set preview

It's time to take a look at all of the upcoming 2023 LEGO sets and all the information about them that we know so far!

This year not only will numerous new sets be released, but there will also be the return of several LEGO themes, including Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones.

We will continue to expand the list over time and add new information. So feel free to save this article and check back from time to time.

LEGO Architecture 2023

LEGO Architecture banner

Let's start off with LEGO Architecture. Here we currently know of 2 sets to be released this year, one of which is a promotional.

21060Himeji Castle2125$159.99August 1st
40585World of Wonders382VIP rewardFebruary 1st

LEGO Art 2023

LEGO Art banner

In addition to 2 new LEGO Art sets based on classic paintings, a new Marvel portrait is rumored hit shelves this year.

31208The Great Wave off Kanagawa1810$99.99January 1st
31209The Amazing Spider-Man2099$199.99August 1st
31210Modern Art805$49.99August 1st

LEGO Avatar 2023

LEGO Avatar banner

The newly introduced LEGO Avatar theme will also be continued this year. As things stand now, there will be at least one wave of sets that will be based on the new movie Avatar: The Way of Water.

75575Ilu Discovery179$24.99January 1st
75576Skimwing Adventure259$34.99January 1st
75577Mako Submarine553$59.99January 1st
75578Metkayina Reef Home528$79.99January 1st
75579Payalkan the Tulkun & Crabsuit761$99.99January 1st

LEGO BrickHeadz 2023

LEGO BrickHeadz banner

BrickHeadz collectors can also look forward to more supplies. There will be several ones for Star Wars, Disney, Minecraft and for the first time Lord of the Rings.

40615Tusken Raider152$9.99January 1st
40616 Harry Potter & Cho Chang267$19.99June 1st
40617Draco Malfoy & Cedric Diggory262$19.99June 1st
40618Kingsley Shacklebolt & Nymphadora Tonks250$19.99June 1st
40619Eve & Wall-E155$19.99March 1st
40620Cruella de Vil & Maleficent320$19.99March 1st
40621Moana & Merida410$19.99March 1st
40622Steamboat Willie, Oswald, Snow White & Tinkerbell501$39.99February 1st
40623Heroes of the Battle of Endor549$39.99May 1st
40624Alex86$9.99April 1st
40625Lama100$9.99April 1st
40626Zombie81$9.99April 1st
40627Sonic the Hedgehog139$15.99September 1st
40628Miles "Tails" Prower131$15.99September 1st
40630Frodo & Gollum184$14.99January 1st
40631Gandalf & Balrog348$19.99January 1st
40632Aragorn & Arwen261$19.99January 1st

LEGO Chinese New Year 2023

As every year, at the beginning of 2023, new sets will be released for Chinese New Year. This time there will be a lunar new year display and a parade set.

80110Lunar New Year Display872$89.99January 10th
80111Lunar New Year Parade1653$129.99January 10th

LEGO City 2023

LEGO City banner

As always, there will of course be numerous new products from LEGO City. Among other things, the Stuntz series introduced in 2021 will receive several new challenge sets.

30638Police Bike Training36$4.99January 1st
30639Dog park and Scooter24$4.99January 1st
30640Race Car44$4.99March 1st
60356Bear Stunt Bike10$7.99January 1st
60357Stunt Truck & Fire Tire Challenge479$49.99March 1st
60358Cyber Stunt Bike13$7.99January 1st
60359Stunt Ramp with Dunk Challenge144$19.99March 1st
60360Circling Tire Challenge117$34.99March 1st
60361Ultimate Stunt Driver Challenge385$89.99March 1st
60362Car Wash245$32.99June 1st
60363Ice Cream Shop296$39.99June 1st
60364Urban Skate Park454$67.99June 1st
60365Apartment Building688$94.99June 1st
60366Ski and Climbing Center1045$119.99June 1st
60367Passenger Plane913$119.99September 1st
60368Arctic Explorer Ship815$159.99June 1st
60369Mobile Police Dog Training197$19.99January 1st
60370Police Station Breakout172$34.99January 1st
60371Emergency Vehicle Headquarters706$64.99January 1st
60372Police Academy823$89.99January 1st
60373Fire Boat144$19.99January 1st
60374Fire Brigade Command Vehicle502$54.99January 1st
60375Fire Station and Fire Truck153$34.99January 1st
60376Arctic Snowmobile70$10.99June 1st
60377Underwater Exploration Ship182$39.99June 1st
60378Arctic Explorer Truck & Mobile Lab489$74.99June 1st
60379Deep Sea Submarine842$109.99June 1st
60380Urban Centre2010$199.99June 1st
60381Advent Calendar258$34.99September 1st
60382Animal Rescue Truck58$9.99January 1st
60383Electric Sports Car95$9.99January 1st
60384Ice Cream Slush Truck194$19.99January 1st
60385Wheel Loader148$19.99January 1st
60386Garbage Disposal261$34.99January 1st
60387Off-Road Adventure252$29.99January 1st
60388Gaming Tournament Truck344$44.99January 1st
60389Auto Repair Shop507$49.99January 1st
60390Compact Tractor86$9.99January 1st
60391Demolition Site235$59.99June 1st
60392Police Motorbike Pursuit59$9.99January 1st
60393Fire Truck97$9.99January 1st
60394ATV and Otter Habitat90$9.99January 1st
60395Combo Race Pack362$29.99August 1st
60396Modified Race Cars359$29.99August 1st
60397Monster Truck Race301$29.99August 1st
60398Family House & Electric Car462$59.99August 1st

LEGO Classic 2023

LEGO Classic banner

Of course, LEGO Classic is also firmly established in the range of themes. Here there will again be new creative boxes of different topics and sizes.

11027Neon Creative Kit333$19.99March 1st
11028Creative Pastel Fun333$19.99March 1st
11029Creative Party Box900$49.99March 1st
11030Lots of Bricks1000$59.99March 1st
11031Creative Monkey Fun135$9.99January 1st
11032Creative Color Fun1500$64.99August 1st
11033Creative Fantasy Universe1800$89.99March 1st

LEGO Collectible Minifigures 2023

LEGO Collectible Minifigures banner

The Collectible Minifigures will of course also be continued in 2023. From the second half of the year presumably also in a new cardboard packaging.

71037Series 24$4.99January 1st
71038Disney 100th Anniversary$4.99May 1st
71039Marvel Series 2$4.99September 1st

LEGO Creator 2023

LEGO Creator banner

LEGO Creator will again have many new sets in 2023, from which not just one but several models can be built.

30641Panda Bear83$4.99January 1st
30642Birthday Train58$4.99January 1st
30643Easter Chickens61$4.99March 1st
30644Vintage Car59$4.99January 1st
30645Snowman78$4.99June 1st
31133White Rabbit258$19.99January 1st
31134Space Shuttle144$9.99March 1st
31135Vintage Motorcycle128$14.99March 1st
31136Exotic Parrot253$24.99March 1st
31137Adorable Dogs475$29.99March 1st
31138Camper Van556$49.99March 1st
31139Cosy House808$59.99March 1st
31140Magical Unicorn145$9.99March 1st
31141Main Street1459$129.99August 1st
31142Space Roller Coaster874$99.99August 1st
31143Birdhouse476$29.99January 1st
31144Exotic Pink Parrot253$19.99August 1st
40597Scary Pirate Island214GWP ($100)October 10th
40650Land Rover Classic Defender150$14.99June 1st

LEGO DC 2023

LEGO DC banner

LEGO DC probably won't get as empty as last year this time. According to the current rumors, there's going to be another huge Batman direct to consumer set. In general, the DC theme will be very Batman-heavy in 2023.

30653Batman 199240$4.99June 1st
76224Batmobile: Batman vs. The Joker Chase438$47.99August 1st
762521992 Batcave3981$449.99June 5th
76259Batman Figure275$34.99June 1st
76264Batmobile Pursuit: Batman vs. The Joker54$26.99August 1st
76265Batwing: Batman vs. The Joker357$37.99August 1st

LEGO Disney 2023

LEGO Disney banner

Disney is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, for which we can also expect some new LEGO sets. Here are all the sets we already know about:

30646Moana's Dolphin Bay47$4.99February 1st
40600Disney 100 Years Celebration226GWP ($100)July 1st
40613Mini Palace of Agrabah509$39.99October 1st
40659Mini Steamboat Willie424GWP ($100)October 23rd
43210Moana's Catamaran321$34.99January 1st
43211Aurora's Castle187$44.99January 1st
43212Disney Birthday Train200$39.99April 1st
43213The Little Mermaid Story Book134$19.99May 1st
43214Rapunzel Music Box89$9.99January 1st
43215Magical Treehouse1016$149.99June 1st
43216Princesses on a Magical Journey320$64.99January 1st
43217Carl's House from "UP"598$54.99April 1st
43218Anna and Elsa's Magical Carousel175$19.99June 1st
43219Creative Locksmith Box140$34.99March 1st
43220Peter Pan & Wendy's Storybook Adventure111$19.99March 1st
43221Paint with Mickey Mouse1022$59.99June 1st
43222Disney Castle4837$399.99July 1st
43223Asha & The Kingdom of Rosas154$19.99October 1st
43224King Magnifico's Castle613$89.99October 1st
43225The Little Mermaid Royal Clamshell1808$159.99May 1st
43226Disney Duos553$44.99June 1st
43227Disney Villain Icons1540$129.99June 1st
43229Ariel's Treasure Chest370$44.99June 1st
43230Walt Disney Camera811$99.99September 1st
43231Asha's Cottage509$49.99October 1st
43232Peter Pan & Wendy's Flight over London466$59.99September 1st

LEGO Dreamzzz 2023

LEGO Dreamzzz banner

Launching in August of this year, LEGO Dreamz will be a completely new theme with a variety of sets probably based on different dream scenes.

30636Z-Blob and Bunchu Spider polybag44$4.99August 1st
40657Dream Village434GWPAugust 1st
71453Izzie and Bunchu the Bunny259$19.99August 1st
71454Mateo and Z-Blob the Robot237$19.99August 1st
71455Grimkeeper the Cage Monster274$34.99August 1st
71456Mrs. Castillo's Turtle Van434$44.99August 1st
71457Pegasus Flying Horse482$49.99August 1st
71458Crocodile Car494$59.99August 1st
71459Stable of the Dream Creatures681$79.99August 1st
71460Mr. Oz's Spacebus878$89.99August 1st
71461Fantastical Treehouse1257$99.99August 1st
71469Knightmare Shark Ship1389$139.99August 1st

LEGO Friends 2023

LEGO Friends banner

LEGO Friends will not only get numerous new sets this year, but also a completely new lineup of characters on which the sets are based.

30633Skate Ramp46$4.99January 1st
30634Friendship Flowers84$4.99January 1st
30635Beach Cleanup84$4.99June 1st
41723Donut Shop63$9.99January 1st
41724Paisley's House185$39.99January 1st
41725Beach Buggy Fun61$10.99June 1st
41726Holiday Camping Trip87$19.99January 1st
41727Dog Rescue Center617$59.99January 1st
41728Heartlake Downtown Diner346$29.99January 1st
41729Organic Grocery Store830$89.99January 1st
41730Autumn's House853$69.99January 1st
41731Heartlake International School985$99.99January 1st
41732Downtown Flower and Design Stores2010$159.99January 1st
41733Mobile Bubble Tea Shop109$9.99January 1st
41734Sea Rescue Boat717$84.99June 1st
41735Mobile Tiny House785$64.99January 1st
41736Sea Rescue Center376$49.99June 1st
41737Beach Amusement Park1348$99.99June 1st
41738Dog Rescue Bike204$19.99January 1st
41739Liann's Room125$9.99January 1st
41740Aliya's Room209$19.99January 1st
41741Dog Rescue Van300$29.99January 1st
41742Cat Hotel445$29.99January 1st
41743Hair Salon401$39.99January 1st
41744Sports Center832$94.99June 1st
41745Autumn's Horse Stable545$59.99June 1st
41746Horse Training134$29.99June 1st
41747Heartlake City Community Kitchen695$69.99June 1st
41748Heartlake City Community Center1513$149.99June 1st
41749Newsroom Van446$29.99June 1st
41751Skate Park431$49.99January 1st
41752Sea Rescue Plane203$19.99June 1st
41753Pancake Shop160$9.99June 1st
41754Leo's Room203$19.99June 1st
41755Nova's Room179$19.99June 1st
41756Holiday Ski Slope and Cafe980$84.99June 1st
41757Botanical Garden1072$84.99June 1st
41758Advent Calendar231$34.99September 1st
41759Heartlake City Bus480$54.99June 1st
41760Igloo Holiday Adventure491$49.99September 1st

LEGO Gabby's Dollhouse 2023

With the new DreamWorks series Gabby's Dollhouse there will be a new licensed LEGO theme in 2023. This year a total of 4 new sets based on the Netlix series will be released.

10785Bakey with Cakey Fun58$10.99August 1st
10786Gabby & MerCat's Ship & Spa88$19.99August 1st
10787Kitty Fairy's Garden Party130$34.99August 1st
10788Gabby's Dollhouse498$79.99August 1st

LEGO Harry Potter 2023

LEGO Harry Potter banner

For LEGO Harry Potter, fans can look forward to several new sets for Part 7: The Deathly Hallows. But what's surely even more exciting is that this year we should finally be getting the long-awaited Gringotts Bank set!

For more details on what's new in LEGO Harry Potter 2023, check out our more in-depth articles on the Spring LEGO Harry Potter and Summer LEGO Harry Potter sets.

30651Quidditch Practice55$4.99March 1st
40598Gringotts Vault212GWP ($130)September 1st
76409Gryffindor House Banner285$34.99March 1st
76410Slytherin House Banner349$34.99March 1st
76411Ravenclaw House Banner305$34.99March 1st
76412Hufflepuff House Banner313$34.99March 1st
76413Hogwarts: Room of Requirement587$49.99March 1st
76414Expecto Patronum754$64.99June 1st
76415The Battle of Hogwarts730$84.99June 1st
76416Quidditch Trunk599$64.99June 1st
76417Gringotts Bank4803$429.99September 4th
76418Advent Calendar227$44.99September 1st
76419Hogwarts Castle and Grounds2260$159.99September 1st
76420Black Lake Triwizard Challenge349$44.99March 1st
76421Buildable Dobby the House Elf403$39.99June 1st
76422Diagon Alley: Weasleys Wizard Wheezes834$89.99June 1st
76423Hogwarts Express & Hogsmeade Station1074$129.99June 1st

LEGO Icons 2023

LEGO Icons banner

The LEGO Icons range, formerly known as Creator Expert, will also be expanded further in 2023. There will be several new sets here, which are primarily aimed at adults.

10312Jazz Club2899$229.99January 1st
10313Wild Flower Bouquet939$59.99February 1st
10314Dried Flower Decoration812$49.99February 1st
10315Tranquil Garden1363$109.99August 1st
10316Lord of the Rings Rivendell6167$499.99March 1st
10317Land Rover Classic Defender2336$239.99April 1st
10318Concorde2083$199.99September 4th
10320Eldorado Fortress2509$214.99July 7th
10321Chevrolet Corvette C11210$149.99August 1st
10323Pac-Man Arcade Machine2651$269.99June 1st
10325Winter Village1517$99.99October 1st
10326Natural History Museum4014$299.99December 1st
10329Tiny Plants758$49.99December 1st
40586Moving Truck301GWPFebruary 21st

LEGO Ideas 2023

LEGO Ideas banner

Of course LEGO Ideas will not go away empty-handed this year either. This time there won't only be larger sets, but with Tales of the Space Age there will also be something for the smaller purse.

21338A-Frame Cabin2082$179.99February 1st
21339BTS Dynamite749$99.99March 1st
21340Tales of the Space Age688$49.99May 1st
21341Hocus Pocus: The Sanderson Sisters' Cottage2316$229.99July 1st
21342Insects1111$79.99September 4th
21343Viking Village2103$129.99October 1st
21344Orient Express2540$299.99November 1st
40595Galileo Galilei Tribute307GWPNovember 1st

LEGO Indiana Jones 2023

LEGO Ideas banner

After more than 10 years, LEGO Indiana Jones is indeed making a comeback! Here we already know that a total of 3 sets will be released. All of which relasing on April 1st of 2023. You can already find first leaks of the sets in our detailed LEGO Indiana Jones 2023 article.

77012Fighter Plane Chase387$34.99April 1st
77013Escape from the Lost Tomb600$39.99April 1st
77015Temple of the Golden Idol1545$149.99April 1st

LEGO Jurassic World 2023

LEGO Jurassic World banner

This year there will not only be numerous new LEGO Jurassic World sets, but also the 30th anniversary of Jurassic Park.

Here we can expect, among other things, a first-time implementation of the Visitor Center as well as a few remakes of older original sets. Read more about the 2023 Jurassic World sets here.

76957Velociraptor Escape137$34.99June 1st
76958Dilophosaurus Ambush211$19.99June 1st
76959Search for the Triceratops281$49.99June 1st
76960Discovery of the Brachiosaurus512$79.99June 1st
76961Visitor Center: Attack of the T-Rex693$119.99June 1st

LEGO Lord of the Rings 2023

LEGO Ideas banner

Not only Indiana Jones but also Lord of the Rings fans can look forward to 2023 when it comes to LEGO. According to the current status, there will be 4 new sets from Middle-earth in 2023. As with Indiana Jones, we have also summarized further information about the sets in an extra LEGO Lord of the Rings 2023 article.

40630Frodo & Gollum184$14.99January 1st
40631Gandalf & Balrog348$19.99January 1st
40632Aragorn & Arwen261$19.99January 1st
10316Rivendell6167$499.99March 1st

LEGO Marvel 2023

LEGO Marvel banner

LEGO Marvel is also being supplied with lots of new sets. Here we'll be getting some new sets based the new movies Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, The Marvels & Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania. In addition, there should finally be a larger Spider-Man No Way Home set this year. Read more about it in our LEGO Marvel Summer 2023 sets article.

10789Spider-Man & Doctor Octopus car48$9.99March 1st
10790Spidey Team at Green Goblin's Lighthouse149$34.99March 1st
10791Spider-Man Team HQ187$49.99March 1st
30652Doctor Strange's Dimensional Portal44$4.99February 1st
76232The Hoopty420$89.99September 1st
76241Hulk Mech138$14.99January 1st
76242Thanos Mech113$14.99January 1st
76243Rocket Mech98$14.99January 1st
76244Miles Morales vs. Morbius220$24.99January 1st
76245Ghost Rider with Mech & Bike264$34.99January 1st
76247Hulkbuster: The Battle of Wakanda385$49.99January 1st
76248The Avengers Quinjet795$99.99January 1st
76249Venomized Groot630$49.99August 1st
76250Wolverine's Adamantium Claws596$69.99August 1st
76251Star Lord's Helmet602$79.99April 1st
76253Guardians of the Galaxy Headquarters67$9.99April 1st
76254Baby Rocket's Ship330$34.99April 1st
76255The New Guardians' Ship1108$99.99April 1st
76256Buildbale Ant-Man with Microfig Wasp289$29.99May 1st
76257Wolverine Figure327$34.99June 1st
76258Captain America Figure310$34.99June 1st
76260Captain America & Black Widow Bike Chase130$14.99August 1st
76261Spider-Man Statue of Liberty Battle900$109.99August 1st
76262Captain America's Shield3128$199.99August 1st
76263 Iron Man Hulkbuster vs. Thanos66$24.99August 1st
76266Endgame Final Battle 794$99.99August 1st
76267Advent Calendar243$44.99September 1st
76269Avengers Tower5261$524.99November 1st

LEGO Minecraft 2023

LEGO Minecraft banner

LEGO Minecraft has also been around for a long time, and will continue to do so in 2023. Listed below are all the upcoming sets we already know about:

21240The Swamp Adventure65$9.99January 1st
21241The Bee House254$19.99January 1st
21242The End Arena252$24.99January 1st
21243The Frozen Peaks304$24.99January 1st
21244The Sword Outpost427$44.99January 1st
21245The Panda House553$49.99January 1st
21246The Deep Battle584$64.99January 1st
21247The Axolotl House242$24.99August 1st
21248The Pumpkin Farm257$24.99August 1st
21249The Crafting Box 4.0605$69.99August 1st
21250The Iron Golem Fortress868$99.99August 1st
30647The Dripstone Cave45$4.99January 1st

LEGO Monkie Kid 2023

LEGO Monkie Kid banner

LEGO Monkie Kid is also being supplied with some new sets in 2023. So far we know about 10 ones to hit the shelves this year.

30656Monkie King Marketplace66$4.99January 1st
80040Monkie Kid's Combi Mech277$19.99January 1st
80041Mei's Dragon Jet246$19.99January 1st
80043Yellow Tusk Elephant844$79.99January 1st
80044Monkie Kid's Team Hideout1582$139.99January 1st
80045Monkey King Ultra Mech1705$159.99January 1st
80046Monkie Kid's Cloud Airship540$49.99June 1st
80047Mei's Guardian Dragon605$74.99June 1st
80048The Mighty Azure Lion789$79.99June 1st
80049Dragon of the East Palace2364$189.99June 1st

LEGO Ninjago 2023

LEGO Ninjago banner

Of course there will also be new sets from Ninjago this year. In the lineup there are among other things many new EVO sets.

30649Ice Dragon Creature70$4.99January 1st
30650Kai and Rapton's Temple Duel47$4.99June 1st
71777Kai Dragon Power: Tornado Spinjitzu72$9.99June 1st
71778Nya Dragon Power: Drifting Spinjitzu57$9.99June 1st
71779Lloyd Dragon Power: Spinjitzu Cyclone56$9.99June 1st
71780Kai's Ninja Racing Car EVO94$9.99January 1st
71781Lloyd's Mech Duel EVO223$19.99January 1st
71782Cole's Earth Dragon EVO285$34.99January 1st
71783Kai's Mech-Bike EVO312$44.99January 1st
71784Jay's Thunder Jet EVO146$9.99January 1st
71785Jay's Titan-Mech794$79.99January 1st
71786Zane's Ice Dragon973$99.99January 1st
71787Creative Ninja Brick Box530$59.99January 1st
71788Lloyd's Ninja Motorcycle64$9.99January 1st
71789Kai and Ras Car and Motorcycle Battle103$19.99June 1st
71790Imperium Dragon Slayer Hound198$19.99June 1st
71791Zane Dragon Power: Spinjitzu Competition Sport Car307$34.99June 1st
71792Sora's Mecca Transformable Racing Bike384$44.99June 1st
71793Heatwave Transforming Lava Dragon479$49.99June 1st
71794Lloyd and Arin's Ninja Team Mechs764$79.99June 1st
71795Temple of Dragon Energy Cores1092$89.99June 1st
71796Elemental Dragon vs. Express Mecca1038$99.99June 1st
71797Ninja Assault Ship: Race Against Time1739$139.99June 1st
71798Nya & Arin's Baby Dragon Battle157$29.99June 1st
71799Ninjgo City Markets6163$369.99June 1st
71800Nya's Water Dragon EVO173$19.99January 1st

LEGO Sonic 2023

LEGO Sonic banner

Apparently the Sonic the Hedgehog LEGO Ideas set was very successful, because in August 2023 Sonic will also be integrated into the LEGO lineup as a new theme.

As with the Ideas set, the sets are rumored to be sections of courses that should also be able to be combined.

76990Sonic's Speed Sphere Challenge292$34.99August 1st
76991Tails' Workshop and Tornado Plane376$39.99August 1st
76992Amy's Animal Rescue Island388$49.99August 1st
76993Death Egg Robot615$59.99August 1st
76994Sonic's Green Hill Zone Loop Challenge802$99.99August 1st

LEGO Speed Champions 2023

LEGO Speed Champions banner

LEGO Speed Champions will continue to feature cars based on movies next year. A second set based on Fast & Furious is supposed to come out in 2023. We've summarized more information about the Speed Champions 2023 sets here.

30657McLaren Solus GT95$4.99March 1st
76914Ferrari 812 Competizione261$24.99March 1st
76915Pagani Utopia249$24.99March 1st
76916Porsche 963280$24.99March 1st
76917Fast & Furious Nissan Skyline GT-R R34319$24.99January 1st
76918McLaren F1 LM & Solus GT581$44.99March 1st

LEGO Star Wars 2023

LEGO Star Wars banner

LEGO Star Wars is probably one of the most popular themes in the LEGO universe, so the expectations of the fans are of course very high. However, based on the information so far, we shouldn't get disappointed this year.

Here there will be many sets based on Return of the Jedi as well as The Clone Wars! We've summarized all details in our articles about the 2023 1HY LEGO Star Wars sets and Summer 2023 LEGO Star Wars sets.

30654X-Wing Polybag87$4.99January 1st
40591Mini Death Star II289GWP ($150)May 1st
40658Millenium Falcon Holiday Diorama282$29.99October 1st
75344Slave I Microfighter85$9.99January 1st
75345501st Battle Pack119$19.99January 1st
75346Pirate Snubfighter285$34.99May 1st
75347TIE Bomber625$64.99January 1st
75348Mandalorian Fang Fighter vs. TIE Interceptor957$99.99May 1st
75349Captain Rex Helmet854$69.99March 1st
75350Commander Cody Helmet766$69.99March 1st
75351Princess Leia Boushh Helmet670$69.99March 1st
75352Death Star Throne Room Diorama807$99.99May 1st
75353Endor Speeder Bikes Diorama608$79.99May 1st
75354Republic Gunship1083$139.99September 1st
75355Luke Skywalkers X-Wing Starfighter1949$239.99May 1st
75356Executor Super Star Destroyer630$69.99May 1st
75357Ghost & Phantom II1394$159.99September 1st
75358Tenoo Jedi Temple124$39.99June 1st
75359Ahsoka's 322nd Clone Troopers Battle Pack108$24.99August 1st
75360Yoda's Jedi Starfighter253$34.99August 1st
75361Spider Tank526$49.99August 1st
75362Ahsoka's T-6 Jedi Shuttle599$69.99September 1st
75363The Mandalorian N-1 Starfighter Microfighter88$14.99August 1st
75364New Republic E-Wing vs. Shin Hati's Starfighter1056$109.99September 1st
75365Yavin IV Rebel Base1067$159.99August 1st
75366Advent Calendar320$44.99September 1st
75367UCS Venator Star Destroyer5374$649.99October 1st
75368Darth Vader Mech139$14.99August 1st
75369Boba Fett Mech155$14.99August 1st
75370Stormtrooper Mech138$14.99August 1st
75371Buildable Chewbacca2320$199.99September 1st

LEGO Super Mario 2023

LEGO Super Mario banner

LEGO Super Mario enters the world of Donkey Kong with new sets this summer! We'll also get a new 18+ set again, although this time it's not quite as big as those of previous years.

71413Character Packs Series 652$5.99January 1st
71414Conkdor's Noggin Bopper Expansion Set130$14.99January 1st
71415Ice Mario Suit and Frozen World Expansion Set105$24.99January 1st
71416Lava Wave Ride Expansion Set218$34.99January 1st
71417Fliprus Snow Adventure Expansion Set567$64.99January 1st
71418Creativity Toolbox Maker Set588$59.99January 1st
71419Peach's Garden Balloon Ride Expansion Set453$49.99January 1st
71420Rambi the Rhino Expansion Set106$9.99August 1st
71421Dixie Kong's Jungle Jam Expansion Set174$26.99August 1st
71422Picnic at Mario's House Expansion Set259$34.99August 1st
71423Dry Bowser Castle Battle Expansion Set1321$109.99August 1st
71424Donkey Kong's Tree House Expansion Set554$59.99August 1st
71425Diddy Kong's Mine Cart Ride Expansion Set1157$109.99August 1st
71426Buildable Piranha Plant540$59.99November 6th
71427Larry's and Morton's Airships Expansion Set1062$79.99August 1st
71429Nabbit at Toad's Shop Expansion Set230$19.99December 1st
71430Penguin Family Snow Adventure Expansion Set228$19.99December 1st

LEGO Technic 2023

LEGO Technic banner

Technic enthusiasts shouldn't get disappointed in 2023, among other things there will be several new sports cars as well as a huge crane.

30655Forklift with Pallet78$4.99January 1st
42146Liebherr LR 130002882$699.99August 1st
42147Dump Truck177$9.99January 1st
42148Snow Groomer178$9.99January 1st
42149Monster Jam Dragon217$19.99January 1st
42150Monster Jam Mutt Dalmation244$19.99January 1st
42151Bugatti Bolide905$49.99January 1st
42152Fire Fighter Plane1134$99.99March 1st
42153NASCAR Next Gen Chevrolet Camaro ZL1672$49.99March 1st
42154Ford GT 20221466$119.99March 1st
42155The Batman: Batcycle641$54.99March 1st
42156Peugeot 9X8 Hypercar1775$199.99May 1st
42157Skidder John Deere 948L-II1492$179.99August 1st
42158NASA Perseverance Mars Rover1132$89.99August 1st
42159Yamaha MT 20221475$249.99August 1st
42160Audi RS Q e-tron914$159.99August 1st
42161Lamborghini Huracan806$49.99August 1st
42162Bugatti Bolide Agile Blue905$49.99August 1st

Seasonals, GWPs & Miscellaneous

Here are all the other sets, such as seasonals or gifts with purchase, that we couldn't assign to one of the themes above.

30629Finnius Dash?$4.992023
40504A Minifigure Tribute1041599 DKKMarch 1st
40575Year of the Rabbit193GWP ($85)January 15th
40580Buildable Tahu219GWP ($100)January 27th
40581Blacktron Space Invader356GWP ($190)January 1st
405824x4 Off-Road Ambulance Rescue162GWP ($100)February 10th
40583Houses of the World 1348GWP ($250)January 15th
40584Birthday Diorama157VIP Reward (2100 points)February 1st
40587Easter Basket368GWP ($70)March 16th
40588Flowerpot292GWP ($150)April 14th
40589Pirate Ship Playground168GWPJune
40590Houses of the World 2270GWP ($250)April 1st
40593Fun Creativity 12-in-1279GWPJuly 21st
40594Houses of the World 3278GWP ($250)August 11th
40596Magic Maze332GWP ($150)October 1st
40599Houses of the World 4318GWP ($250)October 23rd
40603Horse and Cart153GWPDecember
40604Christmas Baubles182GWPDecember
40605Lunar New Year VIP Add-On Pack124GWPJanuary 1st
40606Spring Fun VIP Add-On Pack128GWPMarch 1st
40607Summer Fun VIP Add-On Pack120GWPMay 1st
40634Icons of Play899$99.99June 6th
40638Heart Ornament254$12.99January 1st
40639Bird's Nest232$12.99February 1st
40640Nutcracker208$12.99September 1st
40641Birthday Cake211$14.99June 1st
40642Gingerbread Ornaments190$12.99September 1st
40643Jade Rabbit288$19.99June 1st
40644Pinata206$9.99January 1st
40646Daffodils216$12.99January 1st
40647Lotus Flowers220$12.99June 1st
40649Up-Scaled LEGO Minifigure654$49.99June 1st
40651Australia Postcard191$14.99January 1st
40655Discover Braille - French Alphabet287$89.99September 1st
40656Discover Braille - English Alphabet287$89.99September 1st
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