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LEGO Star Wars 2023 sets: New Dioramas, Clone Helmets & more

Aug 20, 2022
Comments LEGO Star Wars 2023 sets preview

Yesterday the first rumor about the new LEGO Star Wars helmets surfaced, now there is also information about the remaining LEGO Star Wars novelties for the first half of 2023. Thanks to Promobricks we now have details about 2 new dioramas and helmets and 3 other new sets, as well as more set numbers and prices for, among other things, May the 4th and The Mandalorian Season 3 sets.

Slave I Microfighter (75344)

Also next year there will be a new Microfighter again. As usual, it will cost $9.99. This time it's the Slave 1, the ship of Boba Fett, who is included here as the only Minifigure. The set will include 85 pieces and will be released at the beginning of the year on January 1st.

  • Name: Slave I Microfighter
  • Set Number: 75344
  • Pieces: 85
  • Minifigures: 1
  • Release: January 1st
  • Price: $9.99

501st Battle Pack (75345)

LEGO 75280 Clone Troopers of the 501. Legion from 2020

Probably due to the popularity of the set, there will actually be a successor to the 501st battle pack, which will disappear from the shelves in 2023. The new set will be released on January 1st and will be smaller with 119 pieces for $19.99 compared to the old 501st battle pack. However, the number of clones included does not differ. It's said to contain 2 heavy troopers, a specialist, and an officer, based on the popular game Battlefront 2. A small AV-7 Antivehicle Cannon is also included alongside the Minifigures.

  • Name: 501st Battle Pack
  • Set Number: 75345
  • Pieces: 119
  • Minifigures: 4
  • Release: January 1st
  • Price: $19.99

TIE Bomber (75347)

LEGO 4479 TIE Bomber from 2003

The third set on the list is a reissue of the TIE Bomber from the original trilogy. Priced at $64.99, the set includes 4 Minifigures: Darth Vader, a TIE pilot, an imperial officer and a GONK droid. The set will consist of 625 pieces. Just like the 501st battle pack, the TIE Bomber will be released on January 1st

  • Name: TIE Bomber
  • Set Number: 75347
  • Pieces: 625
  • Minifigures: 4
  • Release: January 1st
  • Price: $64.99

Captain Rex Helmet (75349)

As reported yesterday, none other than Captain Rex will join the helmet collection in 2023. More specifically, it will be the Phase 2 helmet of the popular clone. This one will be available from March 1st at a price of $69.99.

  • Name: Captain Rex Helmet
  • Set Number: 75349
  • Pieces: 854
  • Minifigures: 0
  • Release: March 1st
  • Price: $69.99

Commander Cody Helmet (75350)

Where Captain Rex is, Commander Cody is not far behind. As already suspected by fans, Commander Cody will also join the new 2023 LEGO Star Wars helmets. However not as a phase 2 helmet like Rex, but instead in phase 1. Just like the Rex helmet, Cody's helmet will also be released on March 1st for $69.99.

  • Name: Commander Cody Helmet
  • Set Number: 75350
  • Pieces: 766
  • Minifigures: 0
  • Release: March 1st
  • Price: $69.99

Death Star Throne Room Diorama (75352)

LEGO 75159 Death Star duel scene

In addition to the new helmets, there will be new dioramas again next year. The first of the 2 sets is actually the Death Star II throne room scene from the sixth movie. Again, this should include a quote tile like the previous dioramas, as well as a total of 5 Minifigures. It's not yet known which figures it will be exactly. However, it can be assumed that at least the standard characters appearing in the scene, Darth Vader, the Emperor, Luke and Imperial Guards should be included. An exact release date isn't yet known, but the set will be released for $99.99

  • Name: Death Star Throne Room Diorama
  • Set Number: 75352
  • Pieces: 807
  • Minifigures: 5
  • Release: May 1st
  • Price: $99.99

Endor Speeder Bike Chase Diorama (75353)

LEGO 7956 Speeder Bike

The second of the two dioramas is also based on the sixth Star Wars movie and the scene also takes place not far away from the Death Star II, more precisely on the forest moon of Endor. The diorama depicts the speeder bike chase between Luke, Leia and the Scout Troopers and will be released at a price of $79.99. A total of 4 figures should be included here, but just like with the other diorama, we don't yet know exactly which ones it will be.

  • Name: Endor Speeder Bikes Diorama
  • Set Number: 75353
  • Pieces: 608
  • Minifigures: 4
  • Release: May 1st
  • Price: $79.99

All upcoming Star Wars 2023 sets:

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