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LEGO Star Wars 2025 Sets: ARC-170, Acclamator & more!

Jul 8, 2024
10 Comments LEGO Star Wars 2025 sets rumor preview

We finally have information about the first bunch of LEGO sets for 2025!

There will be 6 new LEGO Star Wars sets coming out on January 1st next year and in this post we're taking a look at all the rumored info about them!

Ahsoka's Jedi Interceptor (75401)

Star Wars Ahsoka's Jedi Interceptor

Based on The Clone Wars, we'll be getting a set of the Ahsoka Tano's Jedi Intercepter. Priced at $44.99, the starfighter will consist of 290 pieces and will likely come with a new Ahsoka and R7-A7 Minifigure.

  • Set number: 75401
  • Name: Ahsoka's Jedi Interceptor
  • Release: January 1
  • Price: $44.99
  • Pieces: 290
  • Minifigures: ?

ARC-170 Starfighter (75402)

Star Wars ARC-170 Starfighter

Also from the Clone Wars, probably for the anniversary of Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith, a new LEGO ARC-170 Starfighter will be releasing next year.

The set comes with 497 pieces, costing $69.99 and should be including at least one ARC-170 Clone Pilot Minifigure.

  • Set number: 75402
  • Name: ARC-170 Starfighter
  • Release: January 1
  • Price: $69.99
  • Pieces: 497
  • Minifigures: ?

Buildable Grogu & Pram (75403)

Star Wars Grogu in hovering pram

January 2025 will also be getting us yet another The Mandalorian set. Being a 1048 piece buildable Grogu in his hovering pram for $99.99.

  • Set number: 75403
  • Name: Buildable Grogu & Pram
  • Release: January 1
  • Price: $99.99
  • Pieces: 1048
  • Minifigures: ?

Midi-Scale Acclamator (75404)

Star Wars Acclamator Assault Ship

Continuing the LEGO Star Wars Starship Collection, a midi-scale Acclamator Star Destroyer will be releasing next year.

The display model includes 450 pieces will be coming out for $49.99. Presumably still without Minifigures like the other sets of the line.

  • Set number: 75404
  • Name: Midi-Scale Acclamator
  • Release: January 1
  • Price: $49.99
  • Pieces: 450
  • Minifigures: 0

Midi-Scale Home One (75405)

Star Wars Home One Mon Calamari Cruiser

There will be another new ship joining the midi-scale lineup in 2025 with the Home One Frigate.

The LEGO version of the Mon Calamari Cruiser will cosist of 559 pieces and will cost $69.99.

  • Set number: 75405
  • Name: Midi-Scale Home One
  • Release: January 1
  • Price: $69.99
  • Pieces: 559
  • Minifigures: 0

N-1 Starfighter (75410)

Star Wars Din Djarin's N-1 Starfighter

Lastly we'll be getting another new 4+ set, being The Mandalorian's N-1 Starfighter.

The set will likely include mostly big pieces at least a Mando Minfigure, as it comes with only 92 pieces for $29.99.

  • Set number: 75410
  • Name: N-1 Starfighter
  • Release: January 1
  • Price: $29.99
  • Pieces: 92
  • Minifigures: ?

What do you think about the new LEGO Star Wars 2025 set rumors? Share it in the comments!

CurryJul 11 2024, 8:47

Sounds Good CURRYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANONJul 10 2024, 17:06


BobJul 9 2024, 20:13

Prices look/seem reasonable

PurpleshoeJul 9 2024, 18:30

So looking forward to the Gorgu build. Very excited

RyanJul 9 2024, 17:35

Another year, another horrific brick:price ratio

OoglyBooglyJul 8 2024, 18:36

Where's the minifigure-scale Mon Calamari starcruiser that I've been hoping for? Would be great with the new star destroyer!

BrianJul 8 2024, 17:58

The sets look awesome

JoJul 8 2024, 17:57

Mando is rip off

WyattJul 8 2024, 17:56

Pretty sure episode 3 is revenge of the Sith not return of the Jedi

Falconbricks logo badgeFalconbricksJul 8 2024, 18:18

Lol what did I do, just corrected it 😂

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