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LEGO Jurassic World 2023: Visitor Center, Brachiosaurus & more

Nov 29, 2022
Comments LEGO Jurassic World 2023 sets preview

Having already taken a look at what's new for among other things Star Wars, Harry Potter and Indiana Jones in 2023, it's now time for the upcoming 2023 Jurassic World sets!

Thanks to a listing on a Canadian retailer site, we now have the first details about what these will be about.

The 5 known sets are presumably supposed to coincide with the 30th anniversary of Jurassic Park next year. All of them are scheduled for release on June 1st 2023.

Visitor Center: Attack of the T-Rex (76961)

Jurassic Park Visitor Center

With the first of the 5 new sets we will see the Visitor Center from Jurassic Park in form of a LEGO set for the first time!

To be more precise it's rumored to be an 18+ set which, like the 75956 T. rex Breakout set from this year, will probably come in black packaging again. However, it's unclear whether the Visitor Center will also come as a diorama on a black base with a plaque. The set will be priced at $119.99.

  • Name: Visitor Center: Attack of the T-Rex
  • Set Number: 76961
  • Pieces: 693
  • Minifigures: ?
  • Release: June 1st
  • Price: $119.99

Discovery of the Brachiosaurus (76960)

Jurassic World Brachiosaurus

With this set there will also be a new addition to the Jurassic LEGO theme. As the name suggests, we will probably see a LEGO Brachiosaurus here for the first time.

How big the dinosaur in this $79.99 set will be is unfortunately not yet known but will be very interesting to see.

  • Name: Discovery of the Brachiosaurus
  • Set Number: 76960
  • Pieces: 512
  • Minifigures: ?
  • Release: June 1st
  • Price: $79.99

Search for the Triceratops (76959)

Jurassic Park Triceratops

The set Search for the triceratops settles at $49.99 in the middle of the price range of the set wave. It could probably be based on the Triceratops scene from the first Jurassic Park movie from 1993.

  • Name: Search for the Triceratops
  • Set Number: 76959
  • Pieces: 281
  • Minifigures: ?
  • Release: June 1st
  • Price: $49.99

Dilophosaurus Ambush (76958)

Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus

The name Dilophosaurus Ambush might bring back memories for some. Back in 2015 there was already a set that had exactly the same name and was one of the first LEGO Jurassic World sets ever made.

The new set is in the same price range at $19.99 and could very well be a remake of the old set.

  • Name: Dilophosaurus Ambush
  • Set Number: 76958
  • Pieces: 211
  • Minifigures: ?
  • Release: June 1st
  • Price: $19.99

Velociraptor Escape (76957)

Jurassic World Velocirapors

With the last of the sets we will probably get several new velociraptors again. This could again be a remake of an original set from 2015.

To be more precise a remake of the set Raptor Escape which, along with the Dilophosaurus Ambush, was also one of the very first Jurassic World sets. The new set is said to cost $34.99.

  • Name: Dilophosaurus Ambush
  • Set Number: 76957
  • Pieces: 137
  • Minifigures: ?
  • Release: June 1st
  • Price: $34.99
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