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Identify LEGO Series 26 Space Minifigures: Figure Finder Update!

Apr 26, 2024
9 Comments Falconbricks Figure Finder Update: Identify LEGO Series 26 Space Minifigures

The release of the new LEGO Series 26 Minifigures on May 1st is just around the corner and of course the biggest question was whether they'll be identifiable scanning their codes.

Now we've finally got an answer to that: Yes the Space Minifigures boxes again have QR codes that can be used to identify the individual figures inside, just like with Series 25!

Find all Space Minifigures

Falconbricks Figure Finder Series 26 Update: Scan Result

To make this as easy as possible you can simply use the Falconbricks Figure Finder. The tool lets you scan the code on the box and will show you exactly which Minifigure is inside!

Figure Finder

Use on the web or app

Falconbricks Figure Finder Series 26 Update: Use on the web and app

And the best part is, you don't even need to download an extra app. Just use it right in your browser!

Yet the Figure Finder is of course also available in the Falconbricks App, where you can even use it offline.

Get the app

The Figure Finder now supports both LEGO Series 25 and 26 Minifigures. And as long as the QR codes will be continued, we'll be sure to update it for future Series' too!

Improved scanner with zoom

Falconbricks Figure Finder Series 26 Update: Zoom feature

Besides support for the new LEGO Space Minifigures, we've also added a zoom slider to the Figure Finder scanner.

This should hopefully make scanning easier with devices whose cameras had difficulties reading the codes due to their small size.

Let us know your feedback in the comments! Happy scanning and collecting!

GODFREYJul 10 2024, 12:03

Won't work for me

Pioter z PolszyJun 20 2024, 16:02

It works. Thanks a lot

CollectorMay 31 2024, 11:38

😱omg! How does this thing work

MartinMay 15 2024, 12:06

It doesn't work on iPhone

DedosameMay 12 2024, 23:32

Worked as described using a Android phone

DanielMay 11 2024, 16:13

Camera won't focus, isn't usable

LaurentMay 6 2024, 11:23

Après avoir acheté 6 boîtes au hasard (grosse chance, je n'ai eu qu'un double !), j'ai utilisé le scan samedi ... 100% de réussite :-)

JDApr 30 2024, 18:51

Still doesn’t quite work the best with an iPhone. :(

StevonApr 28 2024, 20:53

I'd like to see picture support, so a small image of the minifugure popped up too

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