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LEGO Icons 10335: The Endurance Polarship coming Black Friday!

May 10, 2024
4 Comments LEGO Icons 10335 The Endurance Ship 2024 rumor preview

First rumors about what will probably be the final LEGO Icons set for 2024 have surfaced!

This Black Friday, taking place on November 29th, an 18+ display set of the Endurance Polar Ship will be coming out!

The Endurance was a three-master which was built in Norway and sailed from London to the Antarctic during the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition from 1914 to 1917.

While the piece count of the ship's LEGO model has yet to be revealed it will be releasing at a $259.99 price.

  • Set number: 10335
  • Name: The Endurance Ship
  • Release: November 29th
  • Price: $259.99
  • Pieces: ?
  • Minifigures: ?

What do you think about the rumored LEGO Icons ship? Share it in the comments!

JakeMay 15 2024, 15:49

how about a mensun bound fig included

LegoFreakMay 11 2024, 13:22

What about set 10392, I have heard rumors saying the Burj Khalifa, Plus the last icon set ending in 92 was really big piece wise.

Love4LEGOsMay 10 2024, 15:10

This is great! Will an Ernest Shackleton fig be included?

Falconbricks logo badgeFalconbricksMay 11 2024, 10:18

Not sure if there will be Minfigures yet

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