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LEGO Icons 2024: Artemis I Rocket & Launchpad rumored!

Mar 13, 2024
3 Comments LEGO Icons 10341 Artemis 1 Rocket 2024 preview

Following the 2021 Space Shuttle, a big new NASA set will join the LEGO Icons line this year! A $259.99 model of the Artemis I rocket is rumored to be released in May 2024!

The new set will consist of 3601 pieces in total and will not only include the new-generation NASA rocket but also its launch pad.

Interestingly, the new LEGO Icons space set won't be released at the beginning of the month, but on May 15th and will probably be available exclusively at LEGO at first.

  • Name: Artemis I Rocket & Launchpad
  • Set number: 10341
  • Release: May 15th
  • Price: $259.99
  • Pieces: 3601
  • Minifigures: ?

What do you think about the rumored LEGO Icons Rocket? Let us know in the comments!

Big RegApr 13 2024, 23:41

Excited , but hope same scale as Saturn V. 3K pieces??

ZarniwoopMar 31 2024, 14:12

Hopefully the same scale as the Saturn 5

As soon as I canMar 13 2024, 18:02

Omg I’m getting this when finances allow

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