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LEGO Icons 2024: NASA Artemis Space Launch System revealed!

Apr 25, 2024
29 Comments LEGO Icons 10341 Artemis 1 Rocket Space Launch System 2024 revealed

We finally have official images of the upcoming LEGO Icons Artemis Space Launch System for May 2024!

Coming in at a $259.99 price, the big new NASA set will consist of 3601 pieces in total. Not only the Artemis I rocket but also the Orion Spacecraft and a 30cm/12in wide and 70cm/27.5in high launchpad are included!

Interestingly, the new LEGO SLS won't be released at the beginning of the month, but on May 15th and will be available exclusively at LEGO at first.

Artemis Rocket at LEGO

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  • Name: Artemis Space Launch System
  • Set number: 10341
  • Release: May 15th
  • Price: $259.99
  • Pieces: 3601
  • Minifigures: 0

What do you think about the new LEGO Icons Rocket? Share it in the comments!

ShingdaoApr 27 2024, 18:26

When fully-assembled, the rocket and tower will stand over 2 feet tall (70 centimeters), producing a 1:144 scale desktop model. By comparison, Saturn V is a 1:110 scale.

gambuchApr 25 2024, 13:44

yes its real, they dropped a trailer

KJKJApr 24 2024, 21:33

Any official (Lego) word on scale??

CatelonApr 23 2024, 17:40

Has this been confirmed real yet?

X CelsiusApr 22 2024, 4:01

Welp...I'm about to drop 260 bucks!

Michelle BApr 20 2024, 7:34

Can’t wait

Rick hApr 19 2024, 19:29

Clearing a spot as we speak!!!!!

J DoggApr 18 2024, 23:49

fantastic looking set!

Simple SailorApr 18 2024, 16:29

What a pity they didn't release the gantry with the Shuttle model.

David MillerApr 18 2024, 14:08

Love it!!

Bob bobbyApr 17 2024, 22:50

Why does it have to be 1:160 scale?

jacobApr 18 2024, 2:52

because rockets are insanely massive what do you mean lol

NobrainApr 18 2024, 12:50

Not the same scale as the saturn V…

rocketnerdApr 19 2024, 8:09

where do you see the scale??? cause I haven't seen anything official

DaMsApr 17 2024, 21:13

Already have my remember to buy it the day :)

RudyApr 17 2024, 21:06

if i go by roughly counting the size of bricks i would say around an 60/70cm ?

ParkApr 17 2024, 20:53

It better be tall

DavidApr 17 2024, 19:50

How tall is it?

TedApr 17 2024, 18:02

My wife will complain about me wasting money on toys again.

the12banchApr 17 2024, 18:29

good luck

MattApr 19 2024, 20:29

Buy her Lego flowers, makes up for it

AlexApr 17 2024, 17:36

Love it!

RudyApr 17 2024, 17:14


BrandoApr 17 2024, 15:57

Also agreed, I hope this is the same scale as Saturn V!

Big RegApr 13 2024, 23:41

Excited , but hope same scale as Saturn V. 3K pieces??

HArL9000Apr 17 2024, 19:42

It comes with the launch tower.

ZarniwoopMar 31 2024, 14:12

Hopefully the same scale as the Saturn 5

the12banchApr 17 2024, 18:29

About 100:89 for the height differences. For scale the Artemis should be just about a 10th shorter. With the base I'd say around the same height.

As soon as I canMar 13 2024, 18:02

Omg I’m getting this when finances allow

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