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LEGO Dungeons & Dragons 2024: Red Dragons Tale set revealed!

Mar 19, 2024
2 Comments LEGO Ideas 21348 Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragons Tale and GWP revealed

Following numerous teasers, the new LEGO Ideas Dungeons & Dragons set has just been revealed!

With 3745 pieces and a price tag of $359.99, it's expected to be the largest Ideas set of the year and will be available from April 1st.

Exterior & structure

Especially the color scheme of the finished model differs from the original fan design. However, the structure of the set has remained the same. It consists of a big watchtower on a rock, a bridge and an inn.

There's also a green area with a small tree in front of the bridge. Of course not to forget the big dragon, which now comes in red instead of green. The set is opened from the back to reveal its interior.

Minifigures & creatures

LEGO Ideas 21348 Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragons Tale Minifigures

Bringing life into the LEGO Dungeons and Dragons castle, a few more Dungeons and Dragons creatures are included in addition to the dragon itself. Among them a Beholder, Owlbear and Displacer Beast.

The set also contains 6 Minifigures, each with alternate facial print for the female and male version of the character.

  • Name: Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragons Tale
  • Set number: 21348
  • Release: April 1st
  • Price: $359.99
  • Pieces: 3745
  • Minifigures: 6

Mimic Chest GWP

LEGO Ideas Dungeons & Dragons Mimic Chest GWP

With the release of the set, there will also be an exclusive gift with purchase! The 165 piece set will be a model of the Mimic chest, which was already shown in the teaser above.

The chest should be available exclusively with the purchase of the DnD set while stocks last.

  • Name: Dungeons & Dragons Mimic Chest
  • Set number: 6510864
  • Release: April 1st
  • Price: Gift with purchase
  • Pieces: 165
  • Minifigures: 0

What do you think about the new Dungeons & Dragons set? Let us know in the comments!

Love4LEGOsMar 22 2024, 17:47

This set is great. But I'm not going to lie, it's expensive! I do really think the figures are great too and I will probably end up getting it anyway. Great set.

KarnoMar 20 2024, 17:09

Love it

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