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LEGO Disney 2024: Snow White's Cottage revealed for March!

Feb 15, 2024
12 Comments LEGO 43242 Snow White's Cottage 2024 revealed

The next big LEGO Disney set for 2024 has finally been revealed! On March 1st this year, we'll be getting our very first set based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!

More precisely, it'll be the well known house of Snow White from the fairy tale. The detailed model will consist of 2228 pieces and will hit shelves at $219.99.

Interior & details

The interior includes the kitchen with a chimney using a light brick and the big table, as well as the dorms of the seven dwarfs on the top floor.

In addition to the trees and forest details around the house itself, a fountain as well as Snow White's glass coffin are also included.


LEGO Disney 43242 Snow White's Minifigures

The set contains 10 Minifigures being the Seven Dwarfs, Snow White, Prince Florian and the Evil Queen.

  • Name: Snow White's Cottage
  • Set Number: 43242
  • Release: March 1st
  • Price: $219.99
  • Pieces: 2228
  • Minifigures: 10

What do you think about the new LEGO Snow White Cottage? Let us know in the comments!

FrancesannieFeb 15 2024, 17:06

This is very close copy of the one Lego turned very surprised they are releasing it now wanted to buy it but not sure now

Eleanor1122Mar 28 2024, 15:44 exclusive at least for now

ToplegoFeb 15 2024, 10:35

J'aime bien

BillybobFeb 14 2024, 17:20

Lego decided not to produce this set. Hanwasyellowfirst got there first. Very poor of Lego to release this copy.

LisFeb 2 2024, 10:54

Was expecting pics today if it was coming march 1. Hope it still is as havent seen

JustalittlesomeoneFeb 5 2024, 21:49


Falconbricks logo badgeFalconbricksFeb 6 2024, 19:28

Should be revealed very soon, most likely next week!

CherlaJan 11 2024, 19:50

Snow white and the 7 dwarfs is my absolute all time favorite movie I really want this Hope it is released soon

Jules faithJan 5 2024, 20:18

My favourite Disney movie! I can’t wait for this set!

Bambert66Dec 19 2023, 19:10

Very excited about this set

KayDec 19 2023, 2:02

So excited about this set.

Behow2000Dec 18 2023, 13:21

Isn’t this the LEGO Ideas set by Hanwasyellowfirst that was turned down by LEGO? - “Unfortunately, the LEGO Review Board has decided that we will not produce this project as a set.“

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