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LEGO Star Wars 2024 Clones & Droids Battle Pack: First Glimpse

Nov 21, 2023
10 Comments LEGO Star Wars 2024 Clone Trooper & Battle Droid Battle Pack leak

Thanks to a new Clone Wars 20th anniversary poster published today on LEGO's Instagram page, we may finally have our first look at one of the new January 2024 LEGO Star Wars sets!

The poster shows a compilation of lots of LEGO Star Wars The Clone Wars sets from the years 2008 to 2023, but there's also one in the background we haven't seen yet.

Although surrounded by fog the picture offers a glimpse at an Octuptarra Droid, Super Battle Droids and a Shock Trooper. Which are expected to be part of the new Clone Trooper & Battle Droid Battle Pack that's been rumored for a few months.

The set will be released on January 1st for $29.99 and consists of 215 pieces. Although not all of them are shown in the image, a total of 9 Minifgures will be included: 3 Super Battle Droids, 2 regular Battle Droids, 3 Plain Phase 2 Clone Troopers and a Shock Trooper.

In addition to the figures, the Battle Pack will also contain 4 sidebuilds: An Octuptarra Droid and a STAP Speeder for one of the droids as well as a turret and a two-seated speeder bike for the clones.

  • Name: Clone Trooper & Battle Droid Battle Pack
  • Set Number: 75372
  • Release: January 1st
  • Price: $29.99
  • Pieces: 215
  • Minifigures: 9

What do you think of the new Battle Pack? Let us know in the comments!

CASRocks8Dec 12 2023, 18:18


oopei poopeiDec 5 2023, 22:20

lets goooo

AlexDec 1 2023, 11:39

Phase 2 trooperssssssss!!!!!!

ExtremeDec 1 2023, 1:02

Finally plane phase 2 troopers

ExtremDec 1 2023, 1:02

Finally plane phase 2 troopers

extremeNov 29 2023, 1:29

best set ever!

extremeNov 28 2023, 1:38

maybe they fixed supers

Lego CC-1215Nov 27 2023, 23:48

Now I can get more shock troopers for the new gunship!

Lego NightmareNov 22 2023, 12:22

They brought in the Supers!

Lego firdNov 22 2023, 12:11

Cool and sick I love it I can't wait!

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