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LEGO Star Wars 75378 BARC Speeder Escape: First look!

Mar 24, 2024
7 Comments LEGO Star Wars 75378 BARC Speeder Escape leaks

Thanks to a banner in an Amazon listing we finally have images of the first LEGO Star Wars set for May 2024!

The new set is based on Grogu's escape from The Mandalorian season 3 and contains the speeder bike with sidepod for Grogu in his hovering pod as well as the first ever Minifigure of Kelleran Beq.

Among the 221 pieces, a lamppost sidebuild and two 501st troopers are also included in the set.

The BARC Speeder will cost $29.99 and will be coming out on May 1st alongside the other yet to be revealed Star Wars releases.

  • Set number: 75378
  • Name: BARC Speeder Escape
  • Release: May 1st
  • Price: $29.99
  • Pieces: 221
  • Minifigures: 4

What do you think about the new Mandalorian set? Let us know in the comments!

GLEGOJun 4 2024, 4:58

#overpriced but overall a great set.

cs5000000Apr 4 2024, 17:24

bro way not a cg trooper

Techie1Apr 1 2024, 0:42

Speak your native tongue and disregard anyone telling you otherwise

BloqueseaMar 25 2024, 19:48

Muy bueno pero caro

Legoseal1717Mar 26 2024, 17:45

English only pls

Legoseal1717Mar 26 2024, 17:47

It’s ok I guess the street light is a bit small and I feel it needs corasont guards not 501st

Legoseal1717Mar 26 2024, 17:49

no, no es

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