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LEGO Star Wars 2024 Dark Millenium Falcon: First look!

Jun 18, 2024
31 Comments LEGO Star Wars 75389 The Dark Falcon leaked

First images of the second LEGO Star Wars set releasing August 1st have surfaced!

We finally have our first look at the new Dark Millenium Falcon.

LEGO Star Wars 75389 The Dark Falcon box leak

The set is based on LEGO Star Wars Rebuild the Galaxy and gives us an alternate universe version of the ship, being turned into a Sith Falcon.

Special Minifigures

LEGO Star Wars 75389 The Dark Falcon Minifigures leak

Therefore 6 very special Minifigures are also included in the set: Darth Jar Jar, Darth Rey, Bounty Hunter C-3PO, Jedi Vader, Beach Luke and the brand new character Darth Dev!

The Ship

Although the structure and size of the Falcon itself hasn't changed much since the last versions, it comes with a new price of $179.99.

The ship includes 1578 pieces, coming with a brand new black printed cockpit piece as well as a Death Star style laser in place of the dish antenna.

  • Set number: 75389
  • Name: The Dark Falcon
  • Release: August 1
  • Price: $179.99
  • Pieces: 1578
  • Minifigures: 6
  • Preorder: LEGO

What do you think of the new Dark Falcon set? Share it in the comments!

Love4LEGOsJun 29 2024, 2:31

Amazing set! All the figures are awesome, especially Jedi Vader! The figs will be worth hundreds once the set retires. Great set!

StarwarsDude999Jun 26 2024, 23:41

The memes are true.Darth Jar Jar is canon!!

PickANameJun 21 2024, 15:15

Would've bought it if it wasn't for 170$.

SomeoneJun 21 2024, 2:07

Kind of a reskin millennium falcon but still cool and comes with great figures

SomeoneJun 23 2024, 4:44

That’s the entire point what do you expect it’s a sith version of the falcon

MattmanJun 20 2024, 3:02

Same kit highter price different figures .not worth the price maybe 119.00 no way 179

CalebJun 21 2024, 2:05

You do realize minifigures are what make Lego sets expensive, right? If your not in the market for those, maybe look at the sets without them; they’re significantly cheaper.

SomeoneJun 23 2024, 4:39

Bro the other falcon is 160 wym😭

MarkHamillofficialJun 20 2024, 0:03

Bit too expensive, but still kinda cool

CrazyCanuck007Jun 19 2024, 22:43

Cash grab. Nothing else

LegoislandisdabombJun 19 2024, 22:23

Dev is Ezra Bridgers alias when he infiltrated an Imperial Darth Dev is evil Ezra??

SomeoneJun 23 2024, 4:40


InterwebGuruJun 19 2024, 21:59

Bad ass, this is sick. Those mini figs are fantastic.

StarwarsDude999Jun 26 2024, 23:42


nuziJun 19 2024, 21:03

Love this!

Beach LukeJun 19 2024, 20:55

Umm, like yeah, brah

Plucky RivalJun 19 2024, 20:34

This is an awesome set but the Darth Jar Jar theory sucks.

SomeoneJun 23 2024, 4:41

It’s clearly just for fun

StarwarsDude999Jun 26 2024, 23:42

Darth jar jar is a fan favorite how could you say that

Khorned OutJun 19 2024, 9:10

Little boring maybe? I love the minifigs, but the ship itself is literally just a black Millenium Falcon 🤷

DogeloafJun 19 2024, 20:41

That's the entire point. The idea of the set is a flipped reality Star Wars, where the with are the Jedi and the Jedi are the sith. It's literally called the dark falcon, what did you expect?

CalebJun 21 2024, 2:04

Don’t know what you expected from a set literally called “Dark Falcon.” Maybe alter your expectations a bit, it’s LEGO.

Bozo54Jun 18 2024, 19:48

This looks awesome

AarrrggghhjJun 18 2024, 19:26

Never mind the TV series, THIS is what's wrong with Star Wars right now. Didn't x reimagine"it, it do a "what if" alternative universe.

Hunter AJun 18 2024, 18:49

Mesa want Jar Jar now!

Jay PJun 18 2024, 16:54

How is it that LEGO knows exactly how to please the fans? And the real new Star Wars is all miserable failures

LanceJun 18 2024, 16:32

Meesa gonna hurt you.

Darth jar jarJun 18 2024, 16:08

I’m definetly buying!

MrtastefulJun 18 2024, 16:00

Shameful money grabbing by Lego.

DaveJun 18 2024, 15:33

Wow looks great

FairyJun 18 2024, 15:27

Such much meh

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