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LEGO Star Wars 75394: Imperial Star Destroyer revealed!

May 6, 2024
13 Comments LEGO Star Wars 75394 Imperial Star Destroyer 2024 revealed

Images of the new playscale LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer for summer 2024 have finally been revealed!

The set will be coming out on August 1st and is already available for preorder on the LEGO website!

Preorder at LEGO

affiliate link - thanks for your support!

The new LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer will cost $159.99, consisting of 1555 pieces in total.

7 Minfigures are included in the set. Among them two Imperial Officers, some Imperial troopers, Darth Vader and for 25 years of LEGO Star Wars an anniversary figure of Cal Kestis!

  • Set number: 75394
  • Name: Imperial Star Destroyer
  • Release: August 1
  • Price: $159.99
  • Pieces: 1555
  • Minifigures: 7

What do you think about the new Imperial Star Destroyer? Share it in the comments!

ClonesofcourseMay 8 2024, 18:17

this set is SICK so excited to compare this to my 2006 star destroyer!

TangoMay 6 2024, 18:40

Its a bummer they didnt include another stormtrooper ) : but overall looks good

Love4LEGOsMay 6 2024, 15:52

This set is great! I really like the looks of Kestis. The price is nice, I'll get it!

YuhMay 6 2024, 14:40

Dang, 159.99 for 1555 pieces? That's a great price, and the minifigs are wonderful!

JH19May 6 2024, 12:59

Oh hell yeah this looks awesome! Lego insider points from May 4th being used on this!

willowMay 6 2024, 10:52

is this a lego exclusive or will i be able to get it from a model shop?

Drone7GMay 5 2024, 21:01

Cheap for a playscale set! Cal Cestus will be great to get. I plan on getting it day 1!

SolomonMay 5 2024, 20:20

Are you serious! What about the people who can't pay that much! I'm really mad right now!

personMay 6 2024, 7:22

its not that bad

monarchbricksMay 5 2024, 19:22


MarieMay 5 2024, 16:03

Can't wait!

OceanMay 4 2024, 20:42

Kinda wish this was still a Death Star playset i dont really care to buy a star destroyer playset just for Cal

BostonMay 4 2024, 20:23

ESB bounty hunters? Who else could be included outside of standard imperials

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