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LEGO 76271 Batman: The Animated Series Gotham City rumored

Oct 8, 2023
8 Comments LEGO DC 76271 Batman: The Animated Series Gotham City preview

The first LEGO DC set info for 2024 is here! Starting right away with what will probably be the biggest of the sets for next year.

A huge Gotham City set based on Batman: The Animated Series is rumored to come out in April 2024. The $299.99 set will feature a 76cm/30in wide skyline of Gotham City with a brick-built backdrop.

The skyline consists of lots of famous buildings from the Batman series such as Wayne Manor, the Batcave and Arkham Asylum. A total of 15 panels of the various buildings can be removed to reveal their interiors and various villain activities depicted inside.

The 4208 pieces that make up the set are also said to include a Batmobile and a Batwing. The 4 Minifigures Batman, Catwoman, The Joker and Harley Quinn will also be included.

As an additional display option, it's also rumored to be possible to mount the set on a wall.

  • Name: DC Batman: The Animated Series Gotham City
  • Set Number: 76271
  • Release: [April 2024]
  • Price: $299.99
  • Pieces: 4208
  • Minifigures: 4

What do you think about the rumored LEGO Gotham City? Let us know in the comments!

JAMJan 15 2024, 13:12

Looking forward to this, though like everyone I hope for more minifigs. (Or BTAS minifigure packs)

Grayson09Jan 22 2024, 20:18

Super stoked can’t wait to see a new Joker Catwoman and Harley Quinn and maybe a new Batman

brothersforevercollJan 13 2024, 17:24

Hoping for more than 4 figs, so excited for this set.

BatmanJan 3 2024, 21:30

Agreed, needs more mini figures. I want the whole rogues gallery!

The dark KnightJan 1 2024, 18:24

It will be great but it is so much money just for 4 minifigure and can't wait to see what the new year Lego dc sets will there be

BenbrickerDec 12 2023, 15:18

Can’t wait to see the upcoming images for this set. 😃 this is a must have.

Love4LEGOsOct 19 2023, 15:59

Sounds awesome! But I do wish there were more minifigures.

Needausername99Oct 8 2023, 13:16

Great idea and I will buy it, but I wish there were more minifigures

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