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LEGO Ideas 21350: Jaws revealed for August 2024!

Jul 3, 2024
40 Comments LEGO Ideas 21350 Jaws set 2024 images revealed

Images of the new LEGO Ideas Jaws set have finally been revealed!

Priced at $149.99, it will be coming out on August 3rd, likely being exclusive at LEGO for now.

Jaws set at LEGO

Build & size

Made of 1497 pieces, it features the 35cm/14in high Orca boat and a white shark on a 59cm/23in wide diorama base.

Which comes with blue and white tiles for the sea and waves as well as Chief Brody's quote "You're gonna need a bigger boat" on the front. While the shark can also be displayed on a separate stand.

Details & Minifigures

LEGO Ideas 21350 Jaws Minifigures

The boat's interior is stacked with small details and accessories from the movie. Including the map, letter, harpoon, machete and barrels.

Of course not to forget the 3 Minifigures of the Orca crew members Chief Brody, Matt Hooper and Quint.

  • Set number: 21350
  • Name: Jaws
  • Release: August 3rd
  • Price: $149.99
  • Pieces: 1497
  • Minifigures: 3
  • Link: LEGO

What do you think of the new LEGO Ideas Jaws set? Share it in the comments!

AndJul 6 2024, 17:08

Lol! This is awesome. Slightly sick, but awesome!

JimJul 5 2024, 21:29


atlJul 4 2024, 18:20

Sorry there's no Minifig for Herbie Robinson from Cleveland. Baseball player. Boatswain's mate. I thought he was asleep. I reached over to wake him up. He bobbed up and down in the water, he was like a kinda top. Upended. Well, he’d been bitten in half below the waist.

GrannyBrickJul 6 2024, 23:48

Herbie was aboard the Indianapolis, not the Orca

JoJul 4 2024, 14:55


bigrickjr57Jul 4 2024, 14:53

LEGO is the master of new builds!!

PedroJul 4 2024, 14:08

Very nice. Great Movie.

JeffJul 4 2024, 8:08

Lego is getting too expensive. I remember buying a giant pirate ship in 2016 for only about £100

RLJul 4 2024, 6:52

Just hope it will be available in South Africa!!!!

CaitJul 4 2024, 3:23

It’s not being released until August

RyanJul 4 2024, 3:09

How come this isn't on their website of coming soon sets?

EdJul 4 2024, 1:20

Don't forget to spellcheck your article before hitting "post".

BricksJul 4 2024, 1:28

Okay, Karen.

VeetJul 4 2024, 2:18

Bricks - 1, Karen - yaburnt

TurboJul 4 2024, 0:42

I'm going to need a bigger bank account.

leeceJul 3 2024, 23:53

We're gonna need a bigger brick.

Wee WillyJul 3 2024, 23:24

Gotta have!

LegofanaticJul 3 2024, 21:59

Wow! Took long enough 😀👍

Z1701Jul 3 2024, 20:25

Super Amazing. I have been giddy about this news since they announced it. I love Jaws. One of my all time favorite movies. I am glad that LEGO is now doing a Jaws set. A big Jaws celebration is coming up next year for the 50th Anniversary. I am going to be celebrating all year long with by adding this one to my collection. I am a huge shark fan as well so this will be right in my nice shark collection too.

CurtmcgirtJul 3 2024, 20:20

Luckily the nature of Lego will make it easy to put half of Quint into the shark's mouth.

AdamJul 3 2024, 19:50

Was so looking forward to this set but they made the Orca too short in the front. It’s not a tugboat!

Minecraft villagerJul 3 2024, 19:45

Very nice

VillagerJul 3 2024, 19:45

Very nice

DarylJul 3 2024, 19:29

My wife thinks they need a bigger boat

JamieJul 3 2024, 18:37


Harry James MillerJul 3 2024, 17:46

the boat needs to be bigger and wider than this!

ChrisJul 3 2024, 17:35

Are you saying they're going to need a bigger boat?

NickJul 3 2024, 18:26

You win sir... you win

RicoJul 3 2024, 17:24

The boat is far too small. Much smaller than the Orca in the original ideas submission. Bit of a disappointment really.

TrevorJul 5 2024, 0:11

Not to mention that Bruce looks a lot worse than the orginal ideas submission, IMO of course. The dorsal fin looks way too close to the head, and I'm not even sure if the secondary dorsal fin is even there at all.

GoHabsGoJul 3 2024, 17:22

Can I pre-order, and if so, can anyone let me know how? Appreciated,~

CoryJul 3 2024, 17:11

…or the 50th Anniversary next year

User123456Jul 3 2024, 16:49

It looks amazing it’s a must have

BruceJul 3 2024, 15:37

The boat should have been bigger

RudyJul 3 2024, 15:08

They should have planned this for Shark Week.

Love4LEGOsJul 3 2024, 14:46

Sort of small for $160. Not getting.

BruceJul 3 2024, 14:29

Love it!! Day 1 purchase for me🦈

EricJul 3 2024, 14:20

Last July I saw a knock off brand do a shark hunter set...looked an awful lot like this, down to the brick built shark. I knew it was only a matter of time.

EricJul 3 2024, 14:21

Also set was similar size/piece count for $30.

RobJul 3 2024, 13:43

Can not wait

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