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Every LEGO Promo & GWP in January 2024: Food Truck, Ninjago & more

Dec 31, 2023
1 Comment LEGO January 2024 Promos & GWPs: Food Truck, Ninjago City & Monkie Kid

The new year is just around the corner and besides the many new sets releasing tomorrow, we'll of course be getting some new promos in the LEGO shop again!

Like for every month, we've summarized all info and dates about the freebies for January 2024 in this post.

Retro Food Truck GWP from January 1st - 16th

From January 1st to 16th i.e. from midnight, the new LEGO Icons Retro Food Truck will be available as a gift with purchase. You'll get the 310 piece set with all purchases of $190 or more.

  • Name: Retro Food Truck
  • Set number: 40681
  • Availability: January 1st - 16th
  • Threshold: $190 | €190 | £170
  • Pieces: 310
  • Minifigures: 2

Year of the Dragon (40611)

With the next one we'll be getting a set for the Year of the Dragon, continuing the series of Lunar New Year animals. The little dragon consists of a total of 214 LEGO bricks and will be available with purchases of $85 or more from January 20th to 31st.

  • Name: Year of the Dragon
  • Set number: 40611
  • Availability: January 20th - 31st
  • Threshold: $85 | £80
  • Pieces: 214
  • Minifigures: 0

2 Possible more Promos later in January

Later in the month, probably from January 16th after the food truck, there could possibly be some more small promotional sets available.

Although there is no information about the conditions to get them yet, we already have first images of them.

Micro Ninjago City (40703)

The first of the 2 sets should be interesting for Ninjago collectors, since it's a microscale version of the big LEGO Ninjago City. As you can see on the back of the box, this won't be the only set like this to come out.

Similar to the Houses of the World promo series, we'll presumably get 3 more microscale parts of Ninjago City as GWPs. Which will probably be available in the following months of the year.

  • Name: Micro Ninjago City
  • Set number: 40703
  • Availability: January ???
  • Threshold: ?
  • Pieces: 339
  • Minifigures: 0

Monkie Kid 5th Anniversary Cake

LEGO Monkie Kid 5th Anniversary Cake GWP leak

There will also be a small promo set for the 5th anniversary of LEGO Monkie Kid, which is expected to be available in January. It included 160 pieces from which a birthday cake and a special Monkie King figure in party outfit can be built.

  • Name: Monkie Kid 5th Anniversary Cake
  • Set number: 6476261
  • Availability: January ???
  • Threshold: ?
  • Pieces: 160
  • Minifigures: 1

What do you think about the January 2024 promos? Any questions left? Let us know in the comments! And happy new year!

SimonFeb 15 2024, 16:48

Love these summaries. They're really useful! I he you continue doing them.

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