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Every LEGO Promo & GWP in November 2023: VIP Weekend & Black Friday

Nov 14, 2023
6 Comments LEGO November 2023 Insider Weekend & Black Friday Promos & GWPs

Like almost every month, there will be many new sets as well as some promotions and freebies in the LEGO shop.

This time in November however, the Insiders or formerly VIP Weekend and Black Friday at LEGO are also around the corner! To give you an overview, we've summarized all promos rumored so far in this post.

Although some of the promo sets haven't been revealed just yet, we'll update the post as soon as more images or information come out. Please also note that most of the information isn't officially confirmed yet and can therefore still change.

Promos from November 1st - 16th

Tribute to Galileo Galilei GWP

From the beginning of the month until November 16th, the fan-designed Galileo Tribute Ideas set will be available as a gift with purchase in the LEGO shop.

The set consists of 307 pieces and includes Galileo himself as a Minifigure. This set will be included with all purchases of $130 or more.

  • Name: Tribute to Galileo Galilei
  • Set Number: 40595
  • Availability: November 1st - 16th
  • Threshold: $130 | €130 | £130
  • Pieces: 307
  • Minifigures: 1

Christmas Fun VIP Add-On Pack GWP

LEGO Ideas 40609 Christmas Fun VIP Add-On Pack GWP

During the same period, the Christmas VIP add on pack will also be available as a GWP. However, already for purchases of $50 or more. Therefore this one will also be included if your purchase already qualifies for the Galileo set.

  • Name: Christmas Fun VIP Add-On Pack
  • Set Number: 40609
  • Availability: November 1st - 16th
  • Threshold: $50 | €50 | £45
  • Pieces: 146
  • Minifigures: 0

LEGO Insiders (VIP) Weekend from November 18th - 19th

LEGO Insiders Weekend 2023 Banner

Like every year LEGO's VIP weekend will again take place in 2023. This time however under its new name Insiders Weekend, after the rebranding of the LEGO VIP program to LEGO Insiders.

As the name suggests, a LEGO Insiders account will probably be required to qualify for the promos available, which however is free to sign up for. The Insiders Weekend will take place on November 18th & 19th this year.

Majisto's Magical Workshop GWP

LEGO Creator 40601 Majisto's Magical Workshop GWP

Following 40567 Forest Hideout from 2022 with the revival of another old classic set as a remake, Majisto's Magical Workshop will be available as a gift with purchase on the Insiders Weekend.

The set consists of 365 pieces and includes Majisto as well as a knight as Minifigures. The Workshop will be included with all purchases of $250 or more.

  • Name: Majisto's Magical Workshop
  • Set Number: 40601
  • Availability: November 18th - 19th
  • Threshold: $250
  • Pieces: 365
  • Minifigures: 2

Winter Market Stall GWP

LEGO Creator 40602 Winter Market Stall GWP

In keeping with the Christmas season, the second GWP set available on Insiders Weekend will be a winter market stall. The set will consist of 271 pieces and include 2 Minifigures.

This one will already be available with smaller purchases than the Majisto set, having a spend threshold of $170.

  • Name: Winter Market Stall
  • Set Number: 40602
  • Availability: November 18th - 19th
  • Threshold: $170
  • Pieces: 271
  • Minifigures: 2

Winter Holiday Train GWP

LEGO 30584 Winter Holiday Train GWP

With purchases of $40 or more, the smallest of the 3 GWPs available on Insiders Weekend will be the Creator Winter Holiday Train polybag.

This one however will only be available in stores and not online. Just like with all other polybags listed in this post, it's possible that the availability may vary between regions.

  • Name: Winter Holiday Train
  • Set Number: 30584
  • Availability: November 18th - 19th (in store only, possibly region dependent)
  • Threshold: $40
  • Pieces: 73
  • Minifigures: 0

2x LEGO Insiders (VIP) Points

In addition to the two GWPs, there will also be double Insiders points on the Insiders Weekend, which can also only be collected with a LEGO Insiders account.

LEGO Black Friday from November 24th - 27th

LEGO Black Friday 2023 Banner

Majisto's Magical Workshop & Winter Market Stall GWP

Even if you don't want to register for a LEGO Insiders account, there will probably be another opportunity to receive the Majisto and Market Stall GWPs.

Rumoredly the two GWPs from Insiders Weekend will once again be available on Black Friday, like in previous years. The same thresholds from the Insiders Weekend should again apply here.

Snowman GWP

LEGO 30645 Snowman GWP

On Black Friday we'll again get a small polybag in addition to the two larger GWPs. This time it'll be the 30645 Snowman from the Creator line, which will be included with all purchases above $40. Also with this one there could be deviations between regions.

  • Name: Snowman
  • Set Number: 30645
  • Availability: November 24th (possibly region dependent)
  • Threshold: $40
  • Pieces: 78
  • Minifigures: 0

Avengers Tower Taxi GWP

LEGO Marvel Tower Avengers Taxi GWP leak

To coincide with the release of the Avengers Tower there will be another gift with purchase with the Avengers Tower Taxi, a first image of which has already surfaced.

The set consists of 150 pieces and includes a taxi as well as Black Panther, 2 Chitauri and the taxi driver as Minfigures. The gift will be available from November 24th exclusively with purchase of the Avengers Tower while stocks last.

  • Name: Avengers Tower Taxi
  • Set Number: 5008076
  • Availability: November 24th - 27th
  • Threshold: Avengers Tower
  • Pieces: 150
  • Minifigures: 4

Sale on selected sets

As is usual on Black Friday, there will presumably be discounts on several sets and products in the LEGO shop, in addition to the other promotions. However, we don't yet know how many sets will be on sale and whether the offers will actually be worthwhile.

What do you think about the November promos? Will you get any of them? Let us know in the comments!

HawkeyeNov 27 2023, 8:35

Waited till Midnight tonight to order the eiffel tower so I could get that fleece blanket. Instead it's just 2 tiny lame lego city and friends sets.

Love4LEGOsNov 8 2023, 20:48

Great giveaways! Why no x2 VIP points, kind of confused?

xviinguyenOct 31 2023, 22:38

So no x2 points on actual Black Friday…ugh. Why does Lego like to do double points the weekend before Black Friday.

BrickFace42Nov 12 2023, 17:30

They've been doing this to get people to buy every weekend. Way, way back, years ago they only did all the gifts w/purchase, etc all the same weekend, now they split 'em all up, each week to get people buying every weekend in Nov.

facny nameNov 13 2023, 16:59

Well they dont want to give you double points on a very expensive popular set that comes out the following weekend

XmandalorianOct 31 2023, 18:18

Lit! I hope they have good sales on BF.

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