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Every LEGO Promo & GWP in October 2023

Oct 2, 2023
15 Comments LEGO October 2023 Promos & GWPs

Lots of LEGO promotionals and gifts with purchase are rumored to be available in the LEGO shop this October!

Multiple promos will be available together at the same time almost continuously through the month. So we've put together an overview of all the freebies in this post.

X-Wing Polybag from October 1st - 5th (US only)

LEGO Star Wars 30654 X-Wing Polybag

In the US the little X-Wing, which was already available as a gift with purchase on May the 4th this year, returns from October 1st to 5th. The polybag will be given away with all LEGO Star Wars purchases of more than $40.

  • Name: X-Wing
  • Set Number: 30654
  • Availability: October 1st - 5th (US only)
  • Threshold: $40
  • Pieces: 87
  • Minifigures: 0

UCS Venator GWP from October 1st - 8th

To coincide with the release of the new UCS Venator Star Destroyer, there will be a small gift with purchase available from October 1st.

The collectible accessory consists of two cloth patches of the two minifigures Rex and Yularen as well as a metal republican credit. The gift will be given away exclusively with purchases of the Venator until October 8th. In order to get this GWP you need a LEGO Insider account, which however is free for everyone.

  • Name: LEGO Star Wars Collectible: Clone Wars
  • Product Number: 5008162
  • Availability: Octotber 1st - 8th
  • Threshold: UCS Venator
  • LEGO Insider account required

Promos from October 1st - 9th

Magic Maze GWP

LEGO 40596 Magic Maze box front

Also from October 1st the Magic Maze, the first brand new one of the gifts will be available. The set will be included with all purchases above $150.

  • Name: Magic Maze
  • Set Number: 40596
  • Availability: October 1st - 9th
  • Threshold: $150
  • Pieces: 332
  • Minifigures: 0

Pirates and Treasure VIP Add-on Pack

LEGO 40515 Pirates and Treasure VIP Add-on Pack

Depending on where you live, the Pirate VIP add on pack will also be available during the same period. You can already get it with purchases of $50 or more. However, just like with the Venator GWP you'll need a LEGO Insider account to get it.

  • Name: Pirates and Treasure VIP Add-on Pack
  • Set Number: 40515
  • Availability: October 1st - 9th
  • Threshold: $50
  • Pieces: 103
  • Minifigures: 0
  • LEGO Insider account required
  • Region dependent

Halloween VIP Add-on Pack from October 1st - 12th

LEGO 40608 Halloween VIP Add-on Pack

Also during the same period, all purchases above $50 will also qualify for the Halloween VIP add-on pack gift. Again a LEGO free Insider account is required to get it.

  • Name: Halloween VIP Add-on Pack
  • Set Number: 40608
  • Availability: October 1st - 12th
  • Threshold: $50
  • Pieces: 118
  • Minifigures: 0
  • LEGO Insider account required

2x Insider (VIP) Points & Sale from October 10th - 15th

LEGO double VIP Insider points banner

In addition to the gifts with purchase (GWPs) in October, there will be double LEGO Insider or formerly VIP points on all purchases from the 10th to 15th. Besides that some sets are rumored to be on sale at LEGO in that timeframe.

Promos from October 10th - 22nd

Scary Pirate Island GWP

LEGO Creator 40597 Scary Pirate Island GWP

Following the Pirates add on pack, the new LEGO Creator Scary Pirate Island GWP will be available from October 10th. This 214 piece set will be included with all purchases over $100.

  • Name: Scary Pirate Island
  • Set Number: 40597
  • Availability: October 10th - 22nd
  • Threshold: $100
  • Pieces: 214
  • Minifigures: 1

Mystic Witch GWP

LEGO Creator 40562 Mystic Witch GWP

In keeping with Halloween, the Mystic Witch GWP from last year is returning and will once again be available for free with purchases over $130.

However, unlike the other promos this one is rumored to only be available in the LEGO online shop and not in local stores.

  • Name: Mystic Witch
  • Set Number: 40562
  • Availability: October 10th - 22nd
  • Threshold: $130
  • Pieces: 257
  • Minifigures: 0
  • Region dependent

Promos from October 23rd - 31st

Mini Steamboat Willie GWP

LEGO 40659 Mini Steamboat Willie GWP box front

From October 23rd to 31st there will be another Disney gift with purchase to celebrate the 100th anniversary.

The Mini Steamboat Willie will consist of 424 pieces and will contain Mickey as a Minifigure. The gift will be available with purchases of only Disney, Star Wars or Marvel sets valued $100 or more in total.

  • Name: Mini Steamboat Willie
  • Set Number: 40659
  • Availability: October 23rd - 31st
  • Threshold: $100
  • Pieces: 424
  • Minifigures: 1

Houses of the World 4 GWP

LEGO 40599 Houses of the World 4 GWP box front

In the same period as the steamboat, the 4th and last GWP of the Houses of the World line will be available. As with the previous houses, a purchase value of more than $250 is required to get the set.

  • Name: Houses of the World 4
  • Set Number: 40599
  • Availability: October 23rd - 31st
  • Threshold: $250
  • Pieces: 318
  • Minifigures: 0
  • LEGO Insider account required

Moving Truck GWP from October 27th - 31st

LEGO 40586 Moving Truck GWP

At the end of October, the moving truck from the beginning of the year is rumored to return as a gift with purchase and to be available for free with purchase of any LEGO Modular Building.

  • Name: Moving Truck
  • Set Number: 40586
  • Availability: October 27th - 31st
  • Threshold: Any Modular Building
  • Pieces: 301
  • Minifigures: 2

Will you be getting any of the promos? Let us know in the comments!

BaeowolfOct 23 2023, 11:03

Think the Sanctum Sanctorum will qualify as a modular building?

brickabriOct 11 2023, 20:37

The same on PL site. The Mystic Witch dissappeared on the 11th.

BricksILOct 11 2023, 15:35

In the UK website it's appeared in the 10th but today when i go to buy the cart it's disappeared maybe it's was a glitch and it's still coming back on the 14th

BGDADYOct 10 2023, 14:39

No witch in my cart for the 10th either.

RoarOct 10 2023, 17:43

Seems like its not a US item

Nraven14Oct 10 2023, 7:53

The witch didn’t get released on the 10th October

Nraven144Oct 10 2023, 12:14

Ignore me…it has now appeared

jyslOct 10 2023, 14:50

how did you get it?

Nraven144Oct 11 2023, 8:04

@jysl it could be Europe/UK exclusive…it’s weird, doesn’t appear on the offers but automatically went into basket…

CoolmanOct 2 2023, 16:10

Personally, Im based in Texas and am getting the X-Wing added to my cart. Hope this helps someone!

crOct 1 2023, 8:57

Some countries seem to be getting a minature X-Wing instead of the pirates pack.

Falconbricks logo badgeFalconbricksOct 1 2023, 9:31

Thanks for the heads up! Just checked and it seems to be varying between regions. Updated the post now.

NileSep 30 2023, 16:55

For sure the Magic Maze and both packs of the Pirates and Treasure VIP Add-on and Halloween VIP Add-on are gonna be mine!!

JjsOct 1 2023, 3:16

How do I add them? First time doing this.

Falconbricks logo badgeFalconbricksOct 1 2023, 8:17

They should get added automatically if the products in your cart match the requirements! If not you may need a LEGO Insider/VIP account (which is free for everyone) to get some promos, but we don't yet know if and for which ones this would apply. My bad, forgot to mention that. Hope this helps though!

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