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LEGO Star Wars 2024 Buildable C-3PO: First look!

Jun 27, 2024
14 Comments LEGO Star Wars 75398 Buildable C-3PO 2024 leak images

We finally have first images of another new LEGO Star Wars set releasing August 1st 2024!

Following the R2-D2 this March, we'll be getting a buildable version of his companion C-3PO.

The droid consists of 1138 pieces in total and comes in the version with one silver leg, standing on a sand colored base in his typical pose.

Next to the big C-3PO, the set also includes an info plaque and the C-3PO Minifigure with arm and leg print which also comes with the UCS Landspeeder.

  • Set number: 75398
  • Name: Buildable C-3PO
  • Release: June 1
  • Price: $149.99
  • Pieces: 1138
  • Minifigures: 1
  • Link: LEGO

What do you think about the new LEGO Star Wars Buildable C-3PO? Share it in the comments!

CreamsicleJul 1 2024, 13:24

Dark Falcon is 70389, not 70398

JDJun 30 2024, 22:24

Build him in pieces and attach him to the back of my buildable Chewbacca

Love4LEGOsJun 29 2024, 1:36

Poorly designed. I feel it could have been better. Disappointed.

RichBJun 28 2024, 21:58

same set number as Dark Falcon.... weird...

RichBJun 28 2024, 22:00

oups..sorry.. dislexic..789 for falcon 798 for 3P00

AlphaJun 28 2024, 9:49

Where his red arm

SackofritoJun 28 2024, 14:26

You might not recognize him if he had a red arm.

StarwarsDude999Jun 28 2024, 1:28

The body looks good,but that head just looks weird.

JonahJun 27 2024, 23:50

When this set was first rumored, I had low expectations. But looking at it now, I am seriously impressed with this!

JoJun 27 2024, 23:09

On the dark millennium falcon there is a ps5

StarwarsDude999Jun 28 2024, 1:30

What do you mean ps5?.Are you saying a videogame console comes with this 4 160$ cause that is just not beleivable.

Love4LEGOsJun 30 2024, 2:08

No. There is a Lego ps5 onboard the ship, thats what beach Luke is playing.

JoJun 27 2024, 23:08


DonJun 27 2024, 22:58

Wish it had a 25th figure, otherwise it looks like a decent set

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