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LEGO Star Wars 25th Anniversary: R2-D2 & Tantive IV Boarding revealed!

Jan 27, 2024
10 Comments LEGO Star Wars 25th Anniversary 75379 R2-D2 & 75387 Boarding the Tantive IV revealed

We finally have official images of the first two LEGO Star Wars 25th Anniversary sets for 2024!

Giving us a detailed look at the new buildable R2-D2 and Tantive IV hallway set releasing March 1st, as well as the included anniversary Minifigures!

Buildable R2-D2 (75379)

Although the 2021 UCS Buildable R2-D2 is still on shelves, a slightly smaller version of it will be released this year.

The new R2-D2 will be half the size with 1050 pieces and will cost $99.99. In addition to the build itself, the set again contains an R2-D2 Minifigure.

However a second Minifigure of Darth Malak is also included for the 25th Anniversary of LEGO Star Wars, making the set much more attractive.

  • Set number: 75379
  • Name: R2-D2
  • Release: March 1st
  • Price: $99.99
  • Pieces: 1050
  • Minifigures: 2
  • Anniversary figure: Darth Malak

Boarding the Tantive IV (75387)

The Tantive IV Boarding set is very similar to the Dark Trooper Hallway set from 2022, although its build is slightly larger with 502 pieces and a $54.99 price tag.

Using the technic pin holes on the side seen in the image, multiple sets can likely be combined to build an even bigger hallway.

To bring the fight inside Tantive IV to life, 6 Minfigures from the scene are included: Darth Vader, 2 Stormtroopers, Captain Antilles and 2 Rebel Troopers. In addition ARC Trooper Fives is included as an anniversary figure.

  • Set number: 75387
  • Name: Boarding the Tantive IV
  • Release: March 1st
  • Price: $54.99
  • Pieces: 502
  • Minifigures: 7
  • Anniversary figure: ARC Trooper Fives

LEGO Star Wars 25th Anniversary Minifigures

Following the first two now revealed, there will presumably be more Minifigures for the 25th Anniversary of LEGO Star Wars in 2024. Each coming in further anniversary sets.

While none of these have been confirmed yet, the remaining figures are rumored to may include Cal Kestis, Young Leia, Infinities Darth Vader, Jedi Bob and Darth Revan.

How many 25th Anniversary Minifigures there will be in total also has yet to be revealed.

What do you think about the new anniversary sets and figures? Let us know in the comments!

GLEGOJun 4 2024, 4:59


legoman5541Jan 29 2024, 19:35

fives is okay

meJan 29 2024, 14:44

Fives isnt as bad as people have been making him out to be

youJan 29 2024, 22:35

Yeah but lego should of used the old arc trooper helmet

deezFeb 8 2024, 19:58


KVJan 28 2024, 5:11

Fives will be the worst part of lego star wars 2024

FivesJan 28 2024, 11:42

The price for fives will skyrocket

MaciJan 29 2024, 11:00

Why the worst?

deezJan 30 2024, 17:09

no he won't he's the 2nd best

MertFeb 17 2024, 21:23

It's treason, then.

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