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LEGO Icons 2024 Kingfisher: Official images revealed

Jan 9, 2024
2 Comments LEGO Icons 10331 Fauna Collection Kingfisher Bird revealed

Following the LEGO Art Parrots, the next set continiung the new LEGO Fauna Collection will be released this February!

As long rumored we'll be getting our first ever LEGO model of the Kingfisher bird. After a first leak of the set a few days ago, official images have now been revealed and we can take a closer look!

The set includes 834 pieces and consists of the Kingfisher itself with a small stand. The stand has a black base and features some brick built water and reeds on top to recreate the natural habitat of the Kingfisher.

The new LEGO Icons Fauna set will cost $49.99 and is set to hit shelves on February 1st.

  • Name: Kingfisher Bird
  • Set number: 10331
  • Release: February 1st
  • Price: $49.99
  • Pieces: 834
  • Minifigures: 0

What do you think of the new LEGO Kingfisher? Let us know in the comments!

KingfisherJan 26 2024, 19:43

Kingfishers dive, so it's the bird leaving the water after catching a fish which seems perfectly normal.

DGJan 6 2024, 14:50

My first impression is... that's a weird pose for a kingfisher. Not at all what I expected. But I want to see more pictures first, because I can see what looks like a fish in its beak, and the water looks like a splash - so it almost looks like they are trying to depict a kingfisher that swooped down to snatch up a minnow, and is on the upswing of flight after nabbing his prize. That would be cool, if that was the case.

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