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LEGO Lord of the Rings 10333: Barad-Dur & GWP revealed!

May 14, 2024
36 Comments LEGO Icons 10333 The Lord of the Rings: Barad Dur 2024 revealed

Official images of the upcoming LEGO Lord of the Rings Barad Dur have finally been revealed!

Coming out on June 1st, the new Lord of the Rings set will be releasing under the LEGO Icons line just like Rivendell last year.

The large black tower with Sauron's Eye will consist of a total of 5471 LEGO pieces and therefore also comes with a big price tag of $459.99.

Barad-Dur at LEGO

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Interior & Exterior

LEGO Barad-Dur features the big gate on the front of the tower and is opened from the back to take a look inside.

At a height of 83cm/32.5in, it inlcudes 5 floors in total as well as Sauron's Eye with a red light brick on top.

The tower is built on a base with orange bricks representing the lava. Two watchtowers and some rocks are built into the sides of the Barad Dur.

New Minifigures

LEGO Icons 10333 Lord of the Rings: Barad-Dur Minifigures

A total of 10 Minfigures will be included in the set: Frodo, Sam, Gollum, Sauron, the Mouth of Sauron as well as 3 brown and 2 green Orcs.

  • Name: The Lord of the Rings: Barad-Dur
  • Set Number: 10333
  • Release: June 1st
  • Price: $459.99
  • Pieces: 5471
  • Minifigures: 10

Fell Beast GWP

With the release of the set there will also be a new LEGO Lord of the Rings GWP. Inlcuding 269 pieces, this will be a brick built LEGO Fell Beast with a Nazgul Minifigure.

The set will be available exclusively with purchase of the Barad-Dur from June 1st to 7th while stocks last.

  • Name: The Lord of the Rings: Fell Beast
  • Set Number: 40693
  • Release: June 1st - 7th
  • Free with purchase of Barad-Dur
  • Pieces: 269
  • Minifigures: 1

What do you think about the new LEGO Barad-Dur? Share it in the comments!

reylanMay 16 2024, 23:34

fax dude Lego has been stepping up their game this year

DavidMay 14 2024, 15:04

That’s insane!!!

bopperMay 13 2024, 23:37

how does lego work its release? will it drop at midnight June 1st?

MaparoniMay 11 2024, 14:17

If this teaser was released today, how are people commenting on it 4 months ago?

ChumbyMay 11 2024, 14:26

Because leaks come before official announcements?

Falconbricks logo badgeFalconbricksMay 11 2024, 14:36

That's because I originally created the post last year for the rumor and updated it now with the teaser image. The UI is a little confusing there, sorry for that. But thanks for bringing this up, I'll look into fixing it by maybe adding something like "Updated on" before the post date.

DonMay 11 2024, 14:52

This was originally posted a while ago so this was just an updated post

WeaselMay 12 2024, 5:55

It was leaked quite a while ago. Which isn't uncommon with lego sets.

LegoLinkFTWMay 4 2024, 13:22

Well seems safe to say this leak is false. Would've been announced by now.

Falconbricks logo badgeFalconbricksMay 5 2024, 8:37

It should be revealed on May 14th, so not long to go!

BrickBearMay 5 2024, 17:00

Supposedly it gets announced May 14th. Supposedly.

agMay 10 2024, 23:09

Bro u wrong lego announces late

oiMay 2 2024, 18:13


WonderbricksApr 27 2024, 8:10

Este año toca Rivendell, este será para.el próximo año!!

LegoMrqzApr 15 2024, 5:05

Any pre order date??

OmbreApr 7 2024, 11:14

What will it be priced at in gbp

ghostbustersApr 2 2024, 15:50

im waiting for a new ghostbusters set ive already missed out on the fire house.

Brickhead74Mar 23 2024, 16:06

Sounds good. I'm waiting for lego to bring out a 10000 Pc white city of Gondor.

LEGOlasMar 26 2024, 14:24

This is my ultimate wish

Derpy johnsonMar 13 2024, 20:26

No more expensive than any other 5000 piece set

clone codyFeb 26 2024, 23:02

LEGO should do the prancing pony

AyeFeb 18 2024, 22:03

Well, mega expensive, but I will get it day one !

AaronFeb 2 2024, 0:13

Why would Sauron's Dark Tower have lava on it? It's not Mount Doom.

JacklotrfanFeb 5 2024, 23:29

Sounds amazing but the price is horrific. Should be more like $330 in a perfect world

BobFeb 9 2024, 20:40

It does have lava surrounding the foundations

JhonnyJan 8 2024, 23:47

It depends on what pieces, you have to remember that lego charges a lot more just for the branding of the pieces, over a reproduction piece made in the same way.

Legoman67Jan 8 2024, 22:29


Mr Blue skyJan 7 2024, 3:08

Love everything except that it is horribly overpriced

RickJan 7 2024, 2:13

Cool but terribly overpriced as are most larger builds.

LEGOlasJan 5 2024, 23:45

Sold; will have to set a day or two aside for the build.

EthdogzJan 5 2024, 15:37


LegofanJan 4 2024, 17:04

Can't wait!!!

Love4LEGOsJan 2 2024, 17:02

This is great!

Lord of da ringsJan 2 2024, 12:34

This sounds/looks pretty accurate to the movie

DIMforlifeJan 2 2024, 1:19


BeApathiikJan 1 2024, 1:52

This is a must cop for me, I loved Rivendell and this will also be a fun build most likely. Can’t wait 🙌

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