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Every LEGO set releasing June 2024: The Full Guide!

May 31, 2024
1 Comment All LEGO June 2024 sets overview

In this overview were taking a look at all the new LEGO releases for next month!

There will be a total of 54 new LEGO sets coming out, including Architecture, Lord of the Rings, Disney, Harry Potter and more. 

All of them will be releasing on June 1st, with some already being available for preorder on the LEGO website.

Also note that the June releases vary depending on where you're from. While in this post we're focusing on all sets coming out in North America.

LEGO Architecture Notre Dame

With the Notre Dame, this year's big LEGO Architecture set will be releasing next month. The 4383 piece model will be available for $229.99.

21061Notre-Dame de Paris4383$229.99June 1LEGOAmazon

LEGO BrickHeadz

LEGO BrickHeadz June 2024 sets

There will be 4 new BrickHeadz coming out. A two pack with Legolas and Gimli from Lord of the RIngs and three Disney ones.

40749Joy, Sadness & Anxiety300$19.99June 1LEGO
40751Legolas & Gimli297$19.99June 1LEGO
40752Carl, Russell & Kevin308$19.99June 1LEGO
40753Mirabel Madrigal179$9.99June 1LEGO


LEGO City June 2024 sets

LEGO City will be coming out with 5 new sets. Including a LEGO Delivery Truck and three jungle ones.

60407Red Double-Decker Sightseeing Bus384$29.99June 1LEGO
60420Yellow Construction Excavator633$54.99June 1LEGO
60424Jungle Explorer ATV Red Panda Mission92$10.99June 1LEGO
60425Jungle Explorer Water Plane177$22.99June 1LEGO
60426Jungle Explorer Off-Road Truck314$34.99June 1LEGO
60440Yellow Delivery Truck1061$99.99June 1LEGO

LEGO Disney

LEGO Disney June 2024 sets

7 new Disney sets will be releasing this June, including two buildable Simbas.

40720Mini Disney Sleeping Beauty Castle528$39.99June 1LEGO
43240Maleficent's Dragon Form583$69.99June 1LEGO
43243Simba the Lion King Cub222$19.99June 1LEGO
43245The Magical Madrigal House1560$159.99June 1LEGO
43247Young Simba the Lion King1445$129.99June 1LEGO
43252Moana's Flowerpot619$39.99June 1LEGO
43276Snow White's Jewelry Box358$44.99June 1LEGOAmazon

LEGO Friends

LEGO Friends June 2024 sets

Being the second LEGO Friends wave releasing in 2024, 11 new sets will be coming out next month.

42618Heartlake City Café426$29.99June 1LEGOAmazon
42622Adventure Camp Archery Range157$14.99June 1LEGOAmazon
42623Beach Water Scooter84$9.99June 1LEGOAmazon
42624Adventure Camp Cozy Cabins437$44.99June 1LEGOAmazon
42625Beach Smoothie Stand213$19.99June 1LEGOAmazon
42626Adventure Camp Water Sports628$69.99June 1LEGOAmazon
42630Heartlake City Water Park814$79.99June 1LEGOAmazon
42631Adventure Camp Tree House1128$129.99June 1LEGOAmazon
42635Dog-Grooming Car60$9.99June 1LEGOAmazon
42636Heartlake City Preschool239$49.99June 1LEGOAmazon
42638Castle Bed and Breakfast1311$99.99June 1LEGOAmazon

LEGO Harry Potter

LEGO Harry Potter June 2024 sets

Also releasing next month is the second wave of new LEGO Harry Potter sets of the year. 7 ones will be coming out on June 1st, including a new Durmstrang Ship and Great Hall.

76427Buckbeak723$59.99June 1LEGOAmazon
76431Hogwarts Castle: Potions Class397$39.99June 1LEGOAmazon
76433Mandrake579$69.99June 1LEGOAmazon
76434Aragog in the Forbidden Forest195$19.99June 1LEGOAmazon
76435Hogwarts Castle: The Great Hall1732$199.99June 1LEGOAmazon
76439Ollivanders & Madam Malkin's Robes744$89.99June 1LEGOAmazon
76440Triwizard Tournament: The Arrival1229$139.99June 1LEGOAmazon

LEGO Icons

In LEGO Icons line we'll be getting 2 new sets being the Retro Radio and the big Lord of the Rings Barad-Dur, which will be available for LEGO Insiders from June 1st and for everyone on the 4th.

On top of that there will also be a Lord of the Rings GWP, available exclusively with purchase of the Barad-Dur from June 1st to 7th.

10334Retro Radio906$99.99June 1LEGO
10333The Lord of the Rings: Barad-dûr5471$459.99June 1
40693The Lord of the Rings: Fell Beast269GWPJune 1

LEGO Ideas

As the 5th LEGO Ideas set of 2024, the lifesize Tuxedo Cat will be releasing in June. The set will be available for $99.99.

21349Tuxedo Cat1710$99.99June 1LEGO

LEGO Minecraft

LEGO Minecraft June 2024 sets

Minecraft is coming out with a bunch of 6 new sets, all releasing June 1st.

21259The Pirate Ship Voyage166$14.99June 1LEGO
21260The Cherry Blossom Garden304$27.99June 1LEGOAmazon
21261The Wolf Stronghold312$34.99June 1LEGO
21262The Windmill Farm462$54.99June 1LEGO
21263The Badlands Mineshaft538$59.99June 1LEGO
21264The Ender Dragon and End Ship657$79.99June 1LEGOAmazon


Also coming out at the beginning of the month is the Tournament Temple City. Being this year's big LEGO Ninjago D2C set.

71814Tournament Temple City3489$249.99June 1LEGO

LEGO Speed Champions

LEGO Speed Champions June 2024 sets

The second bunch of Speed Champions will be racing onto shelves on June 1st. Among the 3 new sets a new Formula 1 car and a G-Wagon.

76923Lamborghini Lambo V12 Vision GT Super Car230$26.99June 1LEGO
76924Mercedes-AMG G 63 & Mercedes-AMG SL 63808$44.99June 1LEGO
76925Aston Martin Safety Car & AMR23564$44.99June 1LEGO

LEGO Star Wars

LEGO Star Wars June 2024 sets

There will be 4 new LEGO Star Wars sets next month. A Mech, two Mandalorian sets and a Microfighter with Captain Rex Minifigure.

75373Ambush on Mandalore Battle Pack109$19.99June 1LEGO
75386Paz Vizsla and Moff Gideon Battle289$39.99June 1LEGO
75390Luke Skywalker X-Wing Mech195$15.99June 1LEGOAmazon
75391Captain Rex Y-Wing Microfighter99$12.99June 1LEGO

LEGO Traditional Chess Set

Lastly there will be a new LEGO exclusive set. Which is a buildable chess board made up of 743 pieces and coming out on June 1st for $74.99.

40719Traditional Chess Set743$74.99June 1LEGO

What do you think of the new June 2024 sets? Which ones will you be getting? Share it in the comments!

ChitterbugzJun 2 2024, 12:28

Minecraft is always good by us here. I cannot get my twelve year old grandson into Star Wars or Harry Potter, so for us, they are a big no. I am not sure what we are looking for next. Maybe the typewriter. We just finished the chess set, the prison and have displayed countless smaller sets. Thank you Lego for bringing my grandson and I closet than we already are. There is just nothing better than that!

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