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LEGO March 2024 Promos: Easter, Flower Store & more!

Feb 24, 2024
11 Comments LEGO March & Easter 2024 GWPs: Flower Store, Animal Crossing & Friends Polybag

March is just around the corner and besides lots of new sets, we can expect some new promotionals and freebies to be available in the LEGO shop!

In this post we've summarized all the rumored GWPs for next month we know so far. As always, the information is based on rumors, and therefore could still change until officially announced by LEGO.

Promos from March 1st - 10th

Houses of the World Flower Store GWP

The first promo has just been revealed and will be starting off a second edition of the LEGO Houses of the World line. Over the next few months, the series will probably get us various stores as GWPs.

Starting on March 1st, the Flower Store will be the first of them to be released. The shop will consist of 338 pieces and will be available with purchases of $200 or more.

  • Name: Flower Store
  • Set number: 40680
  • Availability: March 1st - 10th
  • Threshold: $200 | £170
  • Pieces: 338
  • Minifigures: 0

Maples Pumpkin Garden Polybag

During the same period, we can expect 2 polybags to be available with purchases of $50 or more. The first of them being Maple's Pumpkin Garden from Animal Crossing. The bag includes 29 pieces as well as a Maple Minifigure.

  • Name: Maples Pumpkin Garden
  • Set number: 30662
  • Availability: March 1st - 10th
  • Threshold: $50 | £45
  • Pieces: 29
  • Minifigures: 1

Friends Beach Cleanup Polybag

The second one available is the beach cleanup polybag from Friends, including 1 Minifigure and an otter.

  • Name: Beach Cleanup
  • Set number: 30635
  • Availability: March 1st - 10th
  • Threshold: $50 | £45
  • Pieces: 52
  • Minifigures: 1

Spring Garden House GWP from March 12th - 31st

From March 12th all the way to the end of the month or until stocks last, there will also be a new gift with purchase for Easter!

The 277 piece set features an Easter egg house and contains a brick built Easter Bunny and chick. It will be included with all purchases from $80.

  • Name: Easter Garden House
  • Set number: 40682
  • Availability: March 12th - 31st
  • Threshold: $80 USD | $130 AUD | €80
  • Pieces: 277
  • Minifigures: 0

What do you think about the March GWP rumors? Let us know in the comments!

CottonwoodMar 8 2024, 5:25

40682 threshold should be US $80. I wonder how much in Canada.

GWP fanMar 6 2024, 6:28

The Flower Shop GWP threshold was lower than the Houses of the World. I hope this trend continues!

John HawkinsMar 6 2024, 15:19

Long as it's not a retro or a set with Minifigures, the threshold should be ok.

HP loverMar 5 2024, 6:13

Can't wait

JakeFeb 28 2024, 21:26

Yeah I think so too

HuFeb 27 2024, 23:54

What about ninjago city gwp

Falconbricks logo badgeFalconbricksMar 1 2024, 8:13

That's currently available in the rewards center for 2700 Insider points!

HarryPotter-fanFeb 24 2024, 17:13

There also was a hp Draco malfoy polybag right?

Falconbricks logo badgeFalconbricksFeb 24 2024, 17:25

Yep that one's also coming out on March 1st! But only for purchase on its own for now. Could imagine it being available as a gift with purchase sometime later in the year though!

HP loverMar 5 2024, 6:14

The HP polybag may be a GWP in the summer wave

Ron WeasleyMar 5 2024, 14:49

The polybag should be in June, alongside with the bigger HP wave. There should also be a bigger HP GWP

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