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LEGO 71045 Collectable Minifigures Series 25: First look

Oct 30, 2023
23 Comments LEGO 71045 Collectable Minfigures Series 25 leaks

Having already taken a first look at the new modular building yesterday, another new LEGO leak has now surfaced! Giving us an image of the next series of Minifigures.

The new LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 25 is rumored to be released on January 1st and will be the first of 3 new series' coming out next year. As usual the packs will again cost $4.99 each.

LEGO 71045 Collectable Minfigures Series 25 leak

All LEGO Series 25 Minifigures:

  • Noir Detective
  • Gamer Girl
  • Basil the Bat Lord
  • Paralympics Athlete
  • Goatherd
  • Kid with Mushroom Hat
  • Weightlifter
  • Guy in Triceratops Costume
  • Raven
  • Kid in Locomotive
  • Barbarian
  • Dog Groomer

As always, the new Minifigures come with lots of great new parts and molds. This time one of the highlights is probably the new LEGO goat after more than 10 years!

  • Name: Minifigures Series 25
  • Number: 71045
  • Release: January 1st
  • Price: $4.99 each

What do you think of the new LEGO Collectable Minifigures? Let us know in the comments!

AsmodeusNov 30 2023, 20:07

Not a raven. It's a Harpy from greek mythology.

Fantasy builderDec 14 2023, 0:20

Exactly (I want it tho lel)

Lego enthusiastNov 27 2023, 21:24

Used codes to prevent duplicates, suffered from duplicates because I many different codes.

Love4LEGOsNov 6 2023, 18:50

Boxes suck! But I do want the bat lord.

IndiNov 5 2023, 8:45

Boo for boxes, but baa for goat!

ChicnyBNov 4 2023, 18:08

There are small number codes on the bottom of the boxes. Matching codes means it's a repeat. That helped me find Storm form the Marvel CMF. Someone will post an article about it when they CMF releases.

mister mNov 1 2023, 18:48

don't like boxes.

DIMforlifeNov 1 2023, 15:31

The boxes are the worst

coolguyNov 15 2023, 12:53


LegofanNov 1 2023, 7:19

No box please

Lego grandmaOct 31 2023, 18:13

Won't buy them in a sad I love these things. No boxes please. I don't have money to waste on doubles.

GeorgeOct 31 2023, 17:48

Big goat energy!

LEGO FANZ1Oct 31 2023, 17:37


gooner43vaOct 31 2023, 16:36

bring back star wars

GVSOct 31 2023, 15:16

Excellent and a goat

MrTWuGOct 31 2023, 5:29

Who is a "Basil"? And I think that's a kettlebell not a shotput?

Falconbricks logo badgeFalconbricksOct 31 2023, 10:40

My bad, changed it to weightlifter now. Basil or Basil the Bat Lord is an old figure and he's the leader of the LEGO Fright Knights and also appeared in some LEGO video games. So it's basically a remake of an old classic figure.

JeyimlusNov 12 2023, 3:24

Thank heavens I won't have to Army build the updated Basil! The Harpy, on the other hand...

LegorealistOct 31 2023, 4:04

Not gonna waste my time with the minifigure line anymore as long as lego insists on packaging them in boxes! Too bad lego still can't listen to its customers.


If you talk to LEGO, the reason the minifigs are in boxes are because "They Listened To Their Customers" who said the plastic bags were damaging the eco system. I, myself hate the boxes and have told LEGO that "you're building plastic brick for crap sake" lol but they say noone throws away bricks like they do the bags. Also they are still sending the bricks in bags so put the bricks in paper like they were going to and keep the bag being you sell a lot more bricks than minifigs in Series style.

SarahOct 31 2023, 1:50

So, the dog groomer has an afghan hound!!! This will make the sighthound community pretty ecstatic. I shall spread the word.

LepOct 30 2023, 23:33

The Noir Detective comes with a red herring!

BogartOct 30 2023, 22:57

And I was just finishing up the marvel minifigures. I can't keep up. Haha!

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