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LEGO Icons 10326 Natural History Museum: First look

Oct 29, 2023
14 Comments LEGO Icons 2024 Modular Building 10326 Natural History Museum leaks

Following the Dune Ornithopter being the first LEGO Icons 2024 set revealed, first images of the next Modular Building have finally surfaced!

As has long been rumored, the new modular will be a Natural History Museum. The set is expected to already be released on December 1st this year for $299.99 and will consist of 4014 pieces making it the biggest modular ever.

The building with olive, white facade and grey roof stands on two baseplates and is 39cm wide and 26cm deep. The museum consists of 3 floors which can be taken apart to take a look inside.

At the bottom of the entrance hall there's a large Brachiosaurus skeleton. The two lower floors have various other exhibitions as well as some stairs on the side which lead up to the roof of the building. Up inside the dome on the roof, the museum curator's office is located.

The set also includes 7 Minifigures, including the curator, a painter, caretaker and several guests.

  • Name: Natural History Museum
  • Set Number: 10326
  • Release: December 1st
  • Price: $299.99
  • Pieces: 4014
  • Minifigures: 7

What do you think about the new LEGO Modular? Let us know in the comments!

BobNov 13 2023, 1:01


Love4LEGOsNov 5 2023, 1:52

Looks great!

QwertyOct 30 2023, 19:45


BrickticksOct 30 2023, 14:54

AWESOME!!! There's only one thing it needs, a Mummy Display. Thankfully, I just designed one this morning, so hopefully it'll fit. If not, then I'll simply be happy with the Bronto Skeleton.

SWITCHER7Oct 30 2023, 14:54

That's dope

IdkOct 30 2023, 13:48

Do we know this for sure? If so how?

Patches24Oct 30 2023, 12:11

Super sick!!!! Insta buy. Great price too

LegoLoverOct 30 2023, 12:01

So cool

MobbiukOct 30 2023, 7:52


NiqiOct 30 2023, 5:58

Can’t wait , it looks amazing

CasperOct 30 2023, 1:27

That looks awesome!

not mobbiukOct 30 2023, 1:13


MobbiukOct 29 2023, 21:28

Not a fan

Simon imonDec 20 2023, 15:37


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