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LEGO April 2024 Promos: First look at Flower Trellis & more!

Mar 23, 2024
4 Comments April 2024 LEGO promotional set leaks

In addition to the Mimic Chest that was revealed with the Dungeons & Dragons set a few days ago, we've got our first look at 3 more new promotional sets rumored to be available in April!

Although details on availability and conditions have yet to be revealed for some of them, images of the boxes have already surfaced on a retailer site so we can take a look at the sets.

Flower Trellis Display (40683)

Collectors of LEGO botanicals can look forward to another new flower GWP, more precisely a flower trellis will be available from March 1st to 14th!

The set consists of 440 pieces and can be mounted on the wall thanks to a special brick on the back. In order to get it you'll have to spend $150 or more on any LEGO products.

  • Set number: 40683
  • Name: Flower Trellis Display
  • Availability: April 1st - 14th
  • Threshold: $150
  • Pieces: 440
  • Minifigures: 0

Water Park (40685)

The second GWP is a water park with two big orange slides. Consisting of 132 pieces in total, the set also includes 2 Minifigures with dual molded legs for the swimming trunks as well as a printed sunscreen tube.

  • Set number: 40685
  • Name: Water Park
  • Release: April
  • Threshold: ?
  • Pieces: 132
  • Minifigures: 2

Trophy Award (40688)

Also coming out soon as GWP is a LEGO trophy made of 157 bricks, including various labels for different occasions.

  • Set number: 40688
  • Name: Trophy Award
  • Release: April
  • Threshold: ?
  • Pieces: 157
  • Minifigures: 0

Dungeons & Dragons Mimic Dice Box

The 165 piece Dungeons & Dragons Mimic chest GWP has already been revealed by LEGO and will be available exclusively with purchases of the new Dungeons & Dragons set from April 1st to 7th while stocks last.

  • Name: Dungeons & Dragons Mimic Dice Box
  • Set number: 5008325
  • Availability: April 1st - 7th
  • Threshold: Purchase of the DnD set
  • Pieces: 165
  • Minifigures: 0

What do you think about the rumored GWPs for April? Let us know in the comments!

PapaRex7567Apr 2 2024, 20:13

Micro Ninjago City Docks is now available through insider rewards for 2,300 points in the US!

BenjaminApr 1 2024, 15:09

Any ideas what the thresholds are for the trophy and watermark?

JoshMar 28 2024, 4:49

Will The Trophy and Water Park be LEGO Insiders Rewards instead?

Falconbricks logo badgeFalconbricksMar 28 2024, 13:51

Could also be possible, although I think they might be available as GWPs later in the month. We'll have to see!

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