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All upcoming Harry Potter 2023 sets:

30651Quidditch Practice55$4.99March 1st
76409Gryffindor House Banner285$34.99March 1st
76410Slytherin House Banner349$34.99March 1st
76411Ravenclaw House Banner305$34.99March 1st
76412Hufflepuff House Banner313$34.99March 1st
76413Hogwarts: Room of Requirement587$49.99March 1st
76414Expecto Patronum754$64.99June 1st
76415The Battle of Hogwarts730$84.99June 1st
76416Quidditch Trunk599$64.99June 1st
76417Gringotts Bank?$429.99[September?]
76418Advent Calendar227$44.99September 1st
76420Black Lake Triwizard Challenge349$44.99March 1st
76421Buildable Dobby the House Elf403$39.99June 1st
76422?834$89.99June 1st
76423?1074$129.99June 1st

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